Tips for Reducing the Likelihood of Fires in a Restaurant

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A restaurant is a place where people want to have a good time and enjoy great food. However, one kitchen fire could ruin the reputation of a restaurant. Making matters worse, a restaurant fire could end up seriously endangering staff and customers. There are tips to follow to keep your restaurant running safely and without any fires occurring. One of the most important resources a kitchen can have is a fire extinguisher. Fire extinguisher inspections can ensure your restaurant always has working fire safety equipment. In this post, you will learn how to reduce fires in your restaurant’s kitchen.

One of the main ways to reduce fires is through employee training. All companies have some sort of training in place for their employees. However, specialized safety training ensures your workers know exactly what to do when emergencies happen. You could run fire protection training drills to ensure that safety skills do not grow rusty without being practiced upon.

Chemicals, especially those used for cleaning, can be responsible for a large number of kitchen fires. When cleaning is being done within your restaurant it is wise to ensure no improper solutions are mixed together. You never want to take the risk that cleaning chemicals won’t have a bad reaction with one another. One bad chemical reaction in the kitchen could lead to the need for a fire extinguisher service. If chemical cleaning solutions have spilled within the restaurant, you’ll want staff to clean the mess very quickly.

One material that is responsible for many fire hazards is paper. A restaurant could find it has many paper goods, including napkins and paper towels. Research shows that 57 percent of all fires in restaurants occur where cooking equipment is located. Therefore, you will want to keep paper goods stored as far away from cooking areas as possible. Fire extinguisher inspections are done by qualified workers that can help find a safe location for a fire extinguisher.

Cleaning and properly disposing of grease is a major element in reducing restaurant fires. One study found that deep fryers were involved in the ignition of a restaurant fire. Grease is a very dangerous material that is highly flammable. Regular cleaning of greases ensures it can’t act as kindling if a fire starts in a restaurant. Fire extinguisher servicing companies can offer recommendations of what to do should a grease fire strike.

In closing, there are many fire hazards that can strike a kitchen. A company can ensure a proper fire extinguisher recharge is done to keep your kitchen safe. Research shows that 41 percent of restaurant fires started in places where food was being cooked. Taking steps to keep paper away from cooking areas greatly reduces a paper fires starting in your restaurant. Training staff on how to properly handle emergency situations is invaluable should disaster strike. Fire extinguisher inspections should be regularly done to ensure extinguishing equipment is working properly

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