Too Much Sun is Never a Good Thing, Especially if You are King of the Grill

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Deck awnings
A summer BBQ is a great way to kick back, relax, and enjoy some time with friends and family. But when the weather gets bad, turning on the grill and having a few cold ones won’t be any fun, and you’ll have to take your party inside. Unfortunately, rain isn’t the only concern when it comes to hanging outside. The sun, perhaps surprisingly, can make it quite difficult to enjoy the outdoors and relax. During the middle of the day, if there aren’t clouds and your backyard doesn’t have any trees providing shade, it can simply get too hot to stay outside. A good remedy for that, which will allow you to enjoy every summer day outside, is installing exterior patio shades. Just like their interior counterparts, outdoor patio shades are a perfect option for controlling light in an exterior space. Whether you have a deck or patio, they can be installed on the roof or house awnings and easily be pulled down when the sun is too bright or raised on clear, comfortable days. Plus, exterior patio shades are available in a number of different colors, so you homeowners won’t have to worry about struggling to find items that match the overall look of their home. Usually, a simple hand-pulley system can be used to easily raise and lower exterior patio shades. But for the most convenience, homeowners can install motorized systems that move with just the flip of a switch. That can be perfect for blocking out the sun while carrying out a rack of ribs or for staying right in your comfy chair with a cup of coffee when you want a clear view of the sunrise. As an added bonus, shades can help keep pesky critters, especially flies and mosquitoes, away from you and your guests. When the sun starts to go down, but you want to keep partying, mosquito bites can be a serious annoyance. Citronella candles don’t always get the job done, and the smell of bug spray is never all that pleasant. And, of course, flies on big platters of food is never pleasant to look at. So though sun control might be the priority, keeping bugs and pests away from your party is a nice convenience. Inclement weather is BBQ’s greatest enemy, and both the rain and the sun can ruin a fun party. Fortunately, you can add install items like sun awnings and patio shades that allow you to stay comfortable while still enjoying the fresh air and time with your friends and family.

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