When Septic Pipes Get Hydrojetting Done

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Any property will have plumbing utilities in place, and this includes not only pipes for clean water but also sewer lines and septic tanks to dispose of waste materials. Even sump pumps may be installed by plumbers into a basement so that standing water may be drawn up and removed from the home, such as if the basement leaks during flooding or a rain storm. A homeowner who needs hydrojetting done on their septic pipes may call for local plumbers who specialize in this work, and plumbers may also unclog sewers or replace the pipes as needed. What is there to know about hydrojetting for septic drainage pipes or the home’s sewage?

Clogs and Leaks

Why might a series of septic pipes need hydrojetting, and when should a homeowner ask for plumbers to fix and clean out the sewers under their home? It should be noted that many Americans flush items down the toilet or into a kitchen sink that they should not, as some materials do not break down in the sewer pipes or septic system like others do. Such pipes only expect the right materials such as toilet paper to be flushed into them, and solid matter such as tobacco products, baby diapers, and moisturized hand towels will stay there and clog the system. This may cause water to become backed up over time, and that’s when a homeowner will need to call upon plumbers for sewer repair or hydrojetting services.
When a homeowner pours fats and oils down their kitchen sink, they may cause the pipes to become crusted with this material. Fats and oils are meant to be disposed of in solid trash in leak-proof containers. If they get into the sewage pipes instead, they may cling to the walls and harden over time to form a plaster-like material that expands over time as more fats and oils are added. This, in turn, restricts water flow in the sewage until it may become blocked entirely.
Meanwhile, many rural properties make use of septic tank systems, which operate independently from public utilities in cities and towns. These systems use specialized tanks, filters, and pipes to clean out waste water and release cleaned water into a designated drainage field on the property. Pipes will lead from the septic tank, and they carry partially cleaned water through themselves and leak that water into loose dirt and gravel. These natural materials further clean the water as intended. It should be noted that driving a vehicle across the drainage field is discouraged, as this compresses the soil and rocks and may block water flow. The pipes themselves may become coated with grime and dirt over time as well, and need cleaning before they are completely clogged. For this job, hydrojetting crews may be hired.

Plumbing Repairs

When a home’s plumbing and sewage systems are impaired, whether with public utilities or a septic system, plumbers may be called upon to help. Most of these jobs are too technical for homeowners to handle, so they can look online for plumbing crews. A good plumbing contractor company will have its own website, complete with articles, videos, and images showcasing its work. Once a homeowner finds a crew they like, they will hire these plumbers and explain the problem. Plumbers can perform their own diagnoses as well with camera inspections to be sure of what and where the problem is.
Plumbers may dig up an entire sewage pipe to expose it, then open it and remove the clog inside. Materials such as hardened fats and oils, moisturized hand towels, baby diapers, and more may be causing these clogs. In some cases, intruding tree roots are the issues, and plumbers can handle that, too. Pipes may then be repaired or replaced, and buried back into the ground. And in some cases, hydrojetting is the right call. This is the process of using pressurized water in a pipe to scour its inner surfaces clean, and this is commonly done for smaller pipes or for the drainage pipes in a septic system. The owner of a septic system may regularly call upon hydrojetting teams to visit the site, then unearth these pipes and scour them with hydrojetting. This will prevent troublesome clogs and water backing up in the future.

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