When to Install New Tiles in the Pool

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Tiles have been used for many centuries, the technology of ceramics is an old once. Similarly, glass mosaics have been popular for art for a long time; glass mosaics have been known to date back to 300 BC. Today, tiles are as relevant as ever, for swimming pools, bathroom or kitchen floor, subway walls, and more. Swimming pool both private and public need high quality pool tile installation done, and this can result in attractive and long-lasting walls of tiles. These tiles may be plain white squares, but some can also make fun and attractive shapes to make a pool more distinctive. Colorful ceramic or glass tiles can be used to create a mermaid mosaic, for example, or even a mosaic turtle of waves in a pool. In other cases, colorful tiles can be used to mark the water line of a pool, which not only looks attractive but acts as a visual cue for swimmers in a pool big or small. Discount pool tile may be found for pool tile installation if a crew knows where to find a bulk deal, and pool tile installation may be done for a fair price.

On Tiles

Tiles are effective for making a surface smooth, tough, and attractive. For example, subway tiles were first used in New York City’s subw3ay stations in the early 1900s, and these tiles made for walls that were easy to clean, durable, and reflective of light. Tiles may be made of ceramic, a material that predates the written word, or possibly made from glass as well. Glass tiles may last for centuries, and they can retain their attractive appearance the whole time if well cared for. This can make glass tiles very appealing for use in or near pools, though they might also cost more (this may vary). Meanwhile, conventional tiles for pool tile installation make use of adhesives and other surfaces in a pool or a spa. Plaster, exposed aggregate, and fiberglass finishes may all be involved, and this setup may last from five to 25 years depending on their level of care.
For many pools, most of the tiles on the walls may be a plain and affordable type, making up the default surface of a swimming pool small or large. These tiles may be white squares, for example, a neutral appearance that many may find appealing. These tiles may be bought in bulk for pool tile installation when a pool crew is hired to finish setting up a swimming pool under construction, and this can make pool tiling quite affordable. But there are other tiles to consider, too. At the water line, it may be a good idea to install tiles of a different color and possibly a different shape too, to give the pool more visual definition. This will not only look attractive, but it helps swimmers see the water level and find the pool’s edge more easily rather than a blank mass of white tiles and water. These tiles may be more brick-shaped and may be black or marble-like.
And of course, decoration is possible in a pool, whether it be a small pool in someone’s backyard or a public pool, or even a luxury pool at a coastal resort. In such locations, attractive tile mosaics may even be expected, and some patrons may be disappointed by a lack of gorgeous mosaics at a resort’s swimming pool. Colorful ceramic or glass tiles may be used to create any combination of shapes and patterns, and ocean-based images such as mermaids, turtles, waves, or even pirate ships may be desired. And of course, a person can get creative and put down more custom and unique patterns of they choose. A private pool owner may put something more exotic such as a flame pattern on the pool’s wall, for example.

Tile Care

Tiles are tough, but they may wear out or come loose after a time. Fortunately, tile repair and replacement is easy to do once contractors are brought onto the scene. A swimming pool can be emptied of its water, and contractors can scrape off damaged tiles and plaster alike. Then they can apply fresh plaster and tiles alike and restore the pool’s appearance. This may include adding a mosaic, if desired.

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