Why a Fire Extinguisher Recharge Is Essential

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Fire extinguisher services
There was a study conducted involving 2,000 fire incidents. This study revealed that portable fire extinguishers had helped successfully extinguish more than eighty percent of those fires. That’s right. 80% of those fires were easily taken care of by a fire extinguisher. That is why a fire extinguisher recharge is essential. Fire extinguishers are very easy to use if you are a homeowner or business owner that wants to protect your investment for potential fire damage. It is only natural to try and reduce any potential fire damage that could be done to your prized possessions during a fire. Here are some things that you should know about fire protection!

First and foremost, if you own a restaurant then you need to make sure that any and all fire extinguishers should be located within 30 feet from any cooking area. If a fire extinguishers is placed beyond that area, it will be much more difficult to act quickly if a fire were to ever occur. Every once in a while, a fire extinguisher recharge can help you rethink where you have your fire extinguisher placed. You need to make sure that you get a fire extinguisher recharge because you need to make sure your extinguisher is ready for use when need be. Restaurants and fine dining establishments are cost an annual average of $246 million in direct property damage. There is plenty of room for error which can lead to a fire in a kitchen or restaurant. As a matter of fact, wholly 57 of all restaurant fires involves some sort of cooking equipment. A fire extinguisher recharge is no joke when you consider all of the elements of a restaurant that could lead to a kitchen fire. Keep in mind that of all non-confined restaurant building fires most often start in cooking areas and kitchens at 41%. Deep fryers (9%), ranges (7%), and miscellaneous kitchen and cooking equipment (5%) are the leading types of equipment involved in ignition in nonconfined restaurant building fires. A fire extinguisher recharge should be taken very seriously by anyone that has a kitchen or cooking area, whether you are a business owner or just a homeowner. In commercial kitchens, the automatic extinguishing systems should be inspected and serviced every six months and this should only be done by a qualified contractor. That is twice a year that your fire extinguisher should be inspected and recharged if need be.

Whether you are a business owner or a home owner, you need to keep what you consider important valuable safe from all types of damage. Fire extinguisher services and fire extinguisher servicing should be taken very seriously by anyone that has a kitchen area. Statistics have shown that there is no greater danger to kitchen and restaurants than the potential danger of a fire. Fires can quickly spread throughout a house or a business from the kitchen and can do further damage beyond simply ruining the kitchen area. Make sure you get a fire extinguisher recharge every six months, do not take the risk.

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