Why Bamboo Is The Best Alternative Flooring On The Market

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What Are The Benefits of Bamboo Flooring? Bamboo is a beautiful, elegant finish to any home, not to mention it has a lot of uses from a decorative mantlepiece to add bamboo flooring as a project for all the do-it-yourselfers out there. Sounds exciting, right? But I bet you’re also considering the cost of bamboo flooring. I’m here to reassure you, getting an affordable price tag along with an amazing, long-lasting addition to your home. Still need a reason to change over from hardwood to bamboo flooring? Here are a few.

Bamboo Flooring v. Hardwood Bamboo flooring is a great option if you want an alternative to traditional hardwood floors, bamboo strength is one of the many reasons it’s quickly becoming a popular flooring option. Bamboo is created from natural vegetation, giving bamboo its notable durability and eco-friendly material. But bamboo plants are also a renewable resource with the ability to fully mature in the short span of 3 to 5 years, whereas hardwood trees take over twenty years to reach maturity.

-There are 5 main types of engineered bamboo to choose from, making a certain decision easier than the various types of hardwood in the market. Solid stand bamboo, solid strand “floating” bamboo, tongue-and-grove engineered bamboo, click lock bamboo flooring, and solid and vertical bamboo include many features that ensure the highest quality and style and ensure a snug fit on any floor.

-The durability of bamboo is best depicted in Asian countries, where structures that are over 1,000 years old are held together by the sheer strength of bamboo.

-Although bamboo flooring is considered an “exotic” alternative to traditional hardwoods, installing a bamboo floor takes the same amount of labor as hardwood flooring. Bamboo floors are prefinished, taking the hazard out of installation, for DIY-ers who want to learn how to install bamboo flooring or transition between floors.

-Some might ask, “Is bamboo a hardwood?” Bamboo acts very similarly to a hardwood with its usually simple installation, but it is not classified as wood. Bamboo is a “tree-like” grass with a rapid growth rate exceeding that of wood’s, making it a staple for eco-friendly building.

What Are The Pros and Cons? Solid Strand Bamboo (Tongue-and-Groove Pro: 3 times harder than traditional floors, durable and resilient flooring Con: Uses the nail down method or glue down method during installation Pro: Able to nail down to other hardwoods

Solid Stand Bamboo (Click Lock) Pro: Easy to install and easy to take apart, uses the floating method Con: Limited to indoor environments with consist year-round humidity Pro: Available in different styles

Engineered Strand Bamboo (Click Lock) Pro: Engineered bamboo uses fewer materials than solid or hardwood floors, making it far more eco-friendly Con: Dependent on interior humidity temperatures Pro: Much higher dimensional stability compared to another bamboo flooring

Engineered Strand Bamboo (Tongue-and-Groove) Pro: Easier refinishing process Con: Uses the glue-down method, which can be costly and tedious Pro: Rapidly renewable bamboo (5 years)

Classic Bamboo (Tongue-and-Groove) Pro: Unlimited nail or gluing method; can be laid horizontally or vertically Con: Softer than strand woven bamboo, scuff easier than strand bamboo floors Pro: Eco-friendly bamboo flooring

What Is The Cost Of Bamboo Flooring? The cost of bamboo flooring fluctuates anywhere between $5-$7 per square foot, compared to traditional hardwoods that range to $10 per square foot and above. The cost-effectiveness of bamboo flooring is the main reason most people prefer it as well. Bamboo flooring sales are far more prevalent with manufacturers than any other wood because its rapid growth rate allows the product’s price to remain stagnant while maintaining its eco-friendly nature. The cost of bamboo flooring at bamboo flooring sales begins as low as $0.25, but not to worry, this flooring’s price doesn’t affect its durability, unlike hardwood. Bamboo flooring sales are found online with just a quick google search, allowing for an abundant cost-effective, resilient bamboo flooring in homes.

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