Why Do So Many People Gravitate To Modern Furniture Design?

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Thinking of updating your house or apartment? Your home is your castle, after all, and a lackluster living environment can contribute to negative emotional health and self-esteem in the long-term. Even installing a new lamp or bookshelf can breathe life into an old space! Modern furniture designers are artistic and technical masters in their field, familiar with a wide variety of styles as well as materials and interior design approaches. If you or someone you know is considering buying modern and contemporary furniture, don’t be overwhelmed by the variety! Below is a quick history lesson on modern furniture designers and their craft, to better help you get off on the right foot when you start shopping.

History Of Furniture

Let’s start off with a little history — did you know that the earliest known sofas date all the way back to 2,000 BC Egypt? The ancient Egyptians thought of everything! Couches were more akin to daybeds back then, just a piece of furniture of which to recline, and later became a living room staple in modern societies. Sofa is an Arabic word meaning ‘bench’ and other couch terms include ‘divan’, Chesterfield’ and ‘davenport’. Chairs, in particular, were used primarily by nobles as thrones while lower-class people used either the floor or backless stools. Who knew furniture could get so complicated?

Modern Furniture

Now how about modern furniture? The term itself refers to furniture produced in the late 19th century, influenced by the modernist style, and still sees its unique approach in many of the objects we interact with today. Modernist furniture is characterized by clean and simple lines and fabrics, a direct contrast to the more ornately detailed and traditional approach of old furniture. Two of the earliest known schools for modern furniture designers were the Bauhaus, a German institution that helped lead the movement.

Current Furniture Market

The future is looking bright indeed for modern furniture designers. The American furniture market accounts for a yearly revenue of a whopping $63 billion, the envy of any industry! Although sales of new home furnishings have slowed, they are beginning to trend upwards again in recent years. As the emotional and even financial benefits of home refurbishing is exposed, more and more people search for satisfying and inexpensive modern furniture options. Where does someone even start with all these options and approaches?

Mental Health Benefits

Last, but certainly not least, let’s talk about the mental health benefits. Studies have shown people more satisfied with their home having better concentration issues and sleep patterns than those that were dissatisfied. Ugly or plain living conditions can even increase your risk of depression! A makeover using luxury contemporary furniture is more than a coat of pretty gloss — it’s an emotional and mental pick-me-up, working off the innate human love for beauty and personality. Consider this when furbishing your own home and giving it the sparkle it’s sorely lacking!

Furnishing Your Home

Are you more of a modernist or a traditionalist? The modernism movement explicitly embraced discontinuity and the unexpected, rejecting old-fashioned methods and approaches. While it can help to buy furniture in a set, even one or two simple additions can completely transform the room in question. A sleek desk can make your workplace more accessible and a new bookshelf can fit comfortably in your bedroom or living room. Modern furniture designers are also familiar with interior design and can give you layout advice on top of beautiful and long-lasting products. What home renovation are you thinking of trying?

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