Why You Should Be Properly Soundproofing Your Business

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While it might not be considered by most people when starting out on a business venture, soundproofing your business space should be an important consideration. Compare a music hall to a library: you want a lot of reverberation in one; on the other hand, you want the other to be quiet, so that much of the sound is dampened. If your business is selling privacy and quiet, you don’t want to end up with a work space that is loud and meant more for a vocal community. For that reason, soundproofing your business is a smart idea.
Soundproofing a room is accomplished by combining 4 different techniques: through the addition of mass, damping, decoupling, and filling air gaps in the room. Adding mass sounds just like it is, in that you are adding material to a room so to change the way that sound is transferred from one spot to another; damping is achieved by utilizing materials that dissipate the vibrations of sound frequencies that are transferred through the ceilings, walls, and floor; decoupling is similarly achieved, but rather than using material you are mechanically separating a wall to make it increasingly difficult for sound to pass through it; and by filling air gaps in the room is done by using materials to enclose areas in which air might have originally traveled in and out of a room.
These means of soundproofing are accomplished in different ways for each type of business, in which your company’s unique style can still be presented in a sleek, soundproofed format, primarily through the use of properly implemented decorative laminate tiles:


Teachers want to be heard and students want to properly learn. This is another room that requires the proper amount of both sound absorption and blocking. By reducing sound transmission, you can ensure that the topics being discussed in each classroom stay in the classroom from which they are coming from. Using decorative laminate siding for the walls and ceilings can create a comfortable classroom that presents balanced sound levels, allowing teachers and students to interact in a creative, thoughtful atmosphere.


Students need a quiet space for study, in which the environment is continually quiet and any unforeseen sound is easily muted. Similarly, the building wants a sound quality that feels calm, one that inspires a space for creative thinking. By utilizing suspended ceilings with decorative laminate tiles, you can create an environment that blends acoustical functionality with that modern architectural look.

Recording Studios:

For professional musicians, having a proper space to record music is of utmost importance. With 173,300 people working as musicians in 2014, and 40% of them working as a self-employed musician or singer, having a properly soundproofed home studio can make all of the auditory difference. By using sound isolation wall panels and acoustic ceiling panels, you can properly ensure that little of your noise escapes, while little noise from your household comes in. Not to detract from the styling of your home, decorative laminate can be used as the wall system, giving your studio that homey vibe.

Restaurants and Bars:

Restaurants and bars tend to be booming places, ones in which are variety of people are talking with one or more people at once. For those businesses that have a restaurant and bar attached, it can be difficult to ensure that they are kept separate, but this separation is for good reason. Sit-down restaurants require a quiet, muted atmosphere, one that feels warm and allows for easy conversation, all without feeling like a restaurant goers from across the room aren’t speaking over you and your guests; a bar is a noisy place, one that feels like a party is going on, so that goers are constantly enlivened and interacting with others. The key is to ensure that one does not overpower the other, such that noise from the bar is dampened, so that it never reaches the restaurant, and that the bar has high acoustical performance and long-term durability. A lot of fun can be had with these designs, and decorative laminate wall and ceiling tiles can be properly implemented to provide each with their own sense of elements, style, and life.

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