Worried About That Kitchen Remodel? Start From the Bottom Up

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When you think about changing up your kitchen design, what is the first change that comes to mind? Is it is cabinets, or the sink, or perhaps a shiny new refrigerator? Switching any of these features for a new look will give the kitchen a fresh look, it is true. But why not think bigger, and think instead about changing the flooring?
Our floors take a beating each and every day. Changing this often-seen and rarely-noticed feature can have nearly as dramatic an effect as changing the color of paint on the walls. The question becomes, what type of flooring will you choose? Laminate, tile, or even hardwood are suitable so long as the boards are sealed. Unsure what would work best in your kitchen and with your lifestyle? Read below for a few quick tips to guide you in your pursuit of a kitchen remodel.
Unlike carpeting, natural hardwood flooring can last for a very long time. Some well-preserved wood floors have lasted nearly 100 years! This type of flooring then has great longevity, an important consideration when splurging on a home improvement upgrade. If you are concerned about moisture harming the integrity of the wood, don’t be. For bathrooms and other moisture-rich areas, there is engineered flooring, which is specially made to be resistant to water.
A spruced up kitchen doesn’t have to have hardwood floors, however. There are hundreds of options for vinyl tile and laminate flooring. The industry has improved drastically over the past few decades. Now, even laminate can imitate quality.
When making your final decision, take a look at how you and your family live. Do you have pets? Children? What matters more, beauty or durability? It may be helpful to make a list of these things. Then, on another sheet of paper write the pros and cons of the top two floor options you were thinking of installing. The best option will become apparent once everything is laid out like this. Most importantly, remember to not get discouraged. There is no timeline to meet for making your final decision. It is a big project, and these things have more longevity if you take your time with them.

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