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3 Reasons to Waterproof Your Crawl Space

Many homes throughout the United States have a crawl space. In fact, research shows that 15 to 20% of all new homes are built over crawlspaces. These areas are often underneath a home and great for storing plumbing and wiring materials. Therefore, keeping your crawl space dry and safe is extremely important. If not, you could be dealing with serious problems. Here are the three main dangers associated with water entering your crawl space.

  • All Sorts of Pests

    If you don’t have a waterproof crawl space, it could be an inviting area for all types of pests. This includes the possibility that spiders, mice, snakes, and other pests are able to live underneath your home. While certain types of pests are harmless, others are extremely dangerous. If you have pests in your crawl space, they’re likely to leave behind droppings. Unfortunately, these droppings can affect the quality of air inside your home. Therefore, it’s wise to have a waterproof crawl space that doesn’t attract the presence of pests.
  • The Presence of Mold

    One of the most dangerous situations for homeowners to deal with is the presence of mold. Research from the Environmental Protection Agency found that 100% of mold types have the potential to cause negative health effects. Unfortunately, having water enter your crawlspace often causes mold to form. Making matters worse, it’s difficult to stop the spread of mold once this fungus begins to grow.
  • Radon Leaking into Your Home

    Not all types of crawl space dangers are easy to detect. Considering that, there might be radon present in this area of your home. Radon is a gas that’s impossible for humans to smell, see, or taste. In addition, radon often travels upward from the ground. If radon is in your crawl space, it will likely travel upwards and into your home. Therefore, it’s best to have professionals use special equipment to test for radon in your crawl space.

In conclusion, having water enter your crawlspace causes a wide range of problems. One study found that 27 million homes throughout the United States have crawlspaces. If you want to keep this area in optimal condition, it’s wise to contact a crawl space waterproofing company. By having a waterproof crawl space, you won’t have to worry about pests and mold residing underneath your home.

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