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5 Easy Small Bathroom Design Tips

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If you are home remodeling, do not forget your bathroom! Just because your bathroom is small, it doesn’t mean that it cannot be the bathroom of your dreams!Here are some easy and functional bathroom design tips and tricks to help make your bathroom your favorite room of the house.

1. Add storage

We all have a lot of stuff in our bathrooms, so this is the time to really get creative. Get towel racks, add floating shelves, and put wooden crates on the wall for storage. Or even use the space you already have! This means adding baskets under your sink to make everything underneath a little more organized, adding magnets on the back of your medicine cabinet to add makeup and other toiletries, and installing baskets on the side of your sink for your hair tools.

2. Invest in a floor

It is no secret that your bathroom floor will get wet with all the inevitable splashing that will come from the tub and sink. Your tile should be resilient so you know it will not bubble, crack, or pop off. Look for waterproof vinyl tile, hardwood flooring, and/or laminate flooring.

3. Go neutral

This is especially important because you do not want to overwhelm a small space with a barrage of bright colors. Go with a neutral color palate, think ivory and navy blue, white and black, or soft green and tan. It will make your bathroom feel calm, and gives you more opportunities to use other textures and mediums to create the feeling of depth. Go with a pop of color instead, like bright towels or sink facets, and they will make a larger impact.

4. Use a shower curtain instead of glass

A fabric shower curtain will save more room than a sliding door, as it will not be sliding in and out.

5. Use a mirror

One of the best small bathroom design tips is to utilize a mirror anywhere you can. This will bring in light and make your room look bigger than it is, and the bigger the better! Plus, you will want a large mirror so more than one person can get ready at the same time.

Just simply follow some of these ideas and your bathroom will be looking brand new in no time!

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