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5 Signs That Your Business Needs New Gutters

While now seen surrounding nearly every home and building, rain gutters were first invented in the early 20th century. This invention has helped to keep homes and businesses safe from damage caused by rainwater. As with almost any outdoor item, gutters are going to wear down over time. Considering that, it’s important to remain aware of when it’s time to considering scheduling a commercial rain gutter replacement. With that in mind, here are five signs that your business is in need of new gutters.

  1. Gutters Begin to Sag

    One of the most obvious signs that you are need of new gutter systems is if the ones you have now are sagging. Gutters are normally designed to carry water from roofs away from the rest of a building. That being said, gutters that are sagging have likely carried far too much weight. If not replaced soon, the gutters could pull away from a property further which can create additional problems.
  2. Water Spots Appear on Ceiling

    Certain signs that you might need new gutters aren’t noticeable outside. In fact, you might be able to determine the condition of your gutters by looking at the ceiling. Buildings with gutter problems are often unable to have water distributed away from a roof fast enough. When this happens, water damage can begin to take place that seeps down from your roof onto your ceilings. This is often an indicator that standing water is able to collect on your roof. Businesses that have new gutters installed don’t have to worry about this problem.
  3. Standing Water Collects on Floors

    If gutters are unable to properly remove water from your home, this liquid can begin to pool on the floors of your business. If not treated fast enough, this can create foul smelling mildew to begin forming. Standing water can also wreak havoc on buildings that contain basements. In fact, statistics show that clogged gutters are the leading cause of basement water problems.
  4. Gutter Paint Begins Peeling

    In some cases, gutter damage isn’t going to be extremely noticeable. That being said, it is important to watch for early signs of gutter damage in order to avoid further problems. With that in mind, it’s wise to inspect the paint on your gutters. Gutters are often treated with a special paint that is designed to withstand a lot of water. If this paint is beginning to chip or crack, this is often a sign that your gutters are older than you might think.
  5. Bottom of Gutters Begin to Deteriorate

    Over time, the bottom of gutters can begin to deteriorate as the result of wear and tear. In order to inspect this part of your gutters, it’s best to wait for a day when it isn’t raining. Seeing excessive wear on the bottom portion of a gutter system typically means that this structure is in desperate need of being replaced.

To summarize, there are several signs that you might be in need of new gutters. While you might not think of your gutters often, this structure provides important protection for a home or business. In fact, certain businesses with overflowing gutters can sometimes hold thousands of pounds of weight. Having new gutters installed ensures that your property is safe from costly water damage. It’s best to have new gutters installed by a professional installation service, helping you to avoid any potential risk of injuries.

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