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5 Top Mowing Tips from Lawn Care Services Experts

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Most homeowners know keeping up their yards is an important part of maintaining their homes. Nearly $6.4 billion is spent each year by American homeowners on lawn care. The Environmental Protection Agency has reported people in the United States buy roughly 70 milion tons of fertilizer each year. A home’s value can be increased by about 30% by adding great landscaping. One important part of this is mowing the lawn. This important job can be made a lot easier than you may think. Lawn care services companies recommend the following tips for caring for your lawn.

5 Great Tips to Get and Keep Your Lawn Looking Great and Very Green:

  1. Keep your thatch level down. If you are unfamiliar with thatch, it is the layer of stems and dead roots that collect above the soil. You want some thatch but too much causes lawn problems. Proper core aeration will help you control the amount of thatch in your yard. Your thatch is not made up of grass clippings so do not worry about them, say lawn care services experts.
  2. Leave your clippings! Speaking of grass clippings, landscapers recommend using them to fertilize your lawn. This is one of the best ways to feed your lawn. Leave your clippings where they land and they will break down quickly and return vital nutrients to the soil. This saves money, time and effort and will get you a well fed and happy lawn. Remember, these clippings will decompose when left on your lawn but they will not when they are put in bags and shipped to a landfill. Be good to your lawn and the environment by leaving them. This will also make your back thank you as collecting and bagging all those grass clippings that are there after you mow your lawn is a big chore!
  3. Keep weeds away with tall grass. One cardinal rule of lawn maintenance is to keep the grass at the right height. This way it will stay healthier (and greener), weed free and well watered. Taller grass protects the more fragile parts of the plant from getting harsh and harmful sun rays. This also means you get less evaporation and need to water the lawn less. This is truly a win-win!
  4. Mow as often as you need to. Ask your lawn care services company how much your particular gass needs to be mowed. Different kinds of grass grow at different rates so do not assume every lawn needs to be mowed on the same schedule. This may also change with the weather, depening on where you live. If you have dry, cool, hot and wet times of the year, the frequency with which you mow will change.
  5. Take good care of your mower blade. Dull mower blades can be really damaging to a lawn. They shred the grass rather than cutting it cleanly. When the leaves are ripped, they are bleached by the sun and the entire lawn turns brown. Some people think the problem is a lack of water so they add that but it will not work when the problem was caused by the mower blade. Have it sharpened and balanced at least two to three times every year is the best way to prevent this from happening. Ask your lawn care services company if they think this is enough for your climate, lawn and equipment. This is a very cost effective way to keep your lawn happy, healthy and looking great.

If you are like most homeowners, you are proud of your lawn and you do all that you can to keep it looking its best. Many people say that few things evoke their childhood like the smell of a freshly cut lawn. It does not have to take an army or lawn care services experts to come in every week and work on your yard to make it look great and keep it really green. Take some time and follow these five steps and you will may be surpised how great you can get your lawn looking in no time at all.

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