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8 of The World’s Most Unsual Elevators

Elevators have come a long way since they were first invented, and the world would not be able to function without the residential lifts and commercial elevators that make modern life possible. In the United States alone, it’s not uncommon to see a commercial elevator: there are at least 900,000 of them. Elevators in the United States make approximately 18 billion trips every year.

In the US, the most common thing you’ll run across is a commercial elevator, a residential elevator, or an elevator in a retail establishment: or even outside! In American and abroad there are some pretty amazing elevators.

Hammetschwand Lift

This commercial elevator might just offer the world’s best elevator view. Located in Lake Lucerne, Switzerland, this lift will transport you nearly 500 feet straight up to breathtaking views of the Alps.

It’s also an old elevator, having been in operation for well over a hundred years. The elevator travels at 10 feet every second, so hold on to your hats.

Lloyd’s Building

Located in the heart of London on Lime Street, Lloyd’s is one of the most prominent businesses in the world. The commercial elevator serving this building takes you on a trip of 30 seconds. Encased in a gorgeous glass pod, you’ll have a perfect bird’s eye view of all the best sights in London.

The only problem is that the elevator is only for employees and invited visitors. However, once a year London holds an “Open House” when the finest buildings in the city open their doors to the general public for tours. Keep an eye out for the Open House and you’ll have your chance to ride.

The Gateway Arch

One of the most famous elevators in the world is located in St. Louis in the Gateway Arch. Designed by Eero Saarinen, this elevator takes a very complex ride up to the top of the arch’s observation deck. You’ll want to ride this one just because it’s there.

Hotel Del Coronado

One of the oldest operating elevators in the world, this 130-year old elevator is located in the historic Hotel Del Coronado: a National Historic Landmark. This elevator has seen some things and some people: parts of Some Like It Hot were filmed inside it in 1958.

The Falkirk Wheel

This is an unusual elevator seeing as it’s designed to lift boats rather than people. The Falkirk Wheel is located in the heart of the Scottish countryside and links two parts of the canal that are separated by a cliff.

Ride up in your own boat or buy a ticket to take a ride on one as the elevator takes up you 115 feet to the higher branch of the canal. On a clear day you can see for two or three miles.

Taipei 101

The elevator company that put in this monster designed a rocket of a ride for you. Located in the Taipei 101 tower in Taipei Taiwan, this commercial elevator will take you to an observatory on the 89th floor where you’ll see the entire city laid out. This elevator also holds the distinction of being the world’s fastest elevator.

Sunshine 60 Building

Located in Tokyo, this elevator is one of the world’s fastest and will shoot you up 787 feet in 24 seconds. At the top you’ll be able to see as far as 62 miles, assuming it’s a clear day.

Don’t worry about calling the elevator safety company, either, as this elevator also has the distinction of being one of the best-maintained in the world.

Las Vegas Inclined Elevator

This is an unusual elevator simply because it’s on an incline. It goes up 30 floors and the incline is at 39 degrees; making it a very unusual experience.

The Lux Hotel got the commercial elevator installation for this one, so head there if you’re every in Las Vegas and want a fun and dizzying experience.

The world is full of unusual an amazing elevators that can take us up to see some amazing at dizzying speeds and even at unusual angles. The next time you get in a commercial elevator, take a minute to marvel at an old technology that is as relevant in the modern world as it ever was.

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