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Advice on Staging New Construction Homes

Advice on Staging New Construction Homes

Buying and selling homes are exercises that have gained popularity over the last few decades. You may be selling your property because you want to relocate or you urgently need the money. Homebuyers want ready-made houses, considering that not most of them are patient enough to construct one from scratch. Therefore, as you put your home up for sale in the real estate market, you need to aim at attracting the best buyers. Staging the home will help you get the best buyers in the market.


The Best New Construction Homes Staging Tips


Staging a property simply means preparing it for presentation to prospective buyers. Doing it well means that only the best homebuyers will be interested in the property. It would be advisable to work with a professional realtor since they possess enough skills and knowledge of the staging process. Some of the staging tips are DIY projects, but others will require a professional touch. Read through to understand how best to stage your home for the real estate market:


Observe Thorough Cleanliness

Undoubtedly, a sparkling clean home will be appealing to the buyers and boost their interest in the property. Giving your home a thorough scrub means cleaning it from the floors to the ceilings and anything in between. Take out your carpet and clean it well or contract a professional cleaner to ensure that the job is done to your satisfaction. Home cleaning companies have experts who understand how to go about the often forgotten places, clearing mold and mildew, reaching the hard-to-reach spots between appliances, and much more.


The kitchen and the bathroom are among the first rooms that potential buyers will want to check out first. Therefore, ensure kitchen appliances and utensils are appropriately cleaned and consider taking out the garbage before opening the doors to the buyers. The floor, ceiling, and anything between them count as your home’s interior, but the cleanliness of the exterior matters a lot. Potential buyers will ‘judge the book by the cover,’ considering that your home’s outside is among the first places they see. Therefore, if the exterior is not appealing, the buyers will assume that the inside is in that same condition.


Some of the best exterior cleaning projects include:


  • Washing the windows


  • Mowing and manicuring the lawn


  • Rearranging the backyard


  • Power-washing the siding


  • Adding a few flowers to improve the curb appeal


Make the Place ‘Homey’


However much you want to achieve 100% cleanliness, you also want to show the visitors that the place is livable. That is why real estate agents recommend placing a few everyday items around the house to make it look less sterile. Organizing the everyday items gives potential buyers a clear glimpse of how they can arrange the place once they settle in. In 2019, research showed that 47% of homebuyers deemed staging the living room ‘very essential,’ while only 5% said that it was not crucial. The following are some of the items you may consider placing around the house during the staging process;


  • Soap: the benefits of adding a sweet-smelling soap to your bathroom shows the bathroom is functional and boosts the room’s smell.


  • A cookie jar: cookies are among the most inviting snacks in a home.


  • Produce organizer: Consider having fresh fruits and vegetables in the organizer, which will enhance the pop in your kitchen. This shows the property’s proximity to a local farmer’s market, which is one of the homebuyers’ primary considerations.


Depersonalizing and Decluttering

Depersonalizing means removing anything that is highly personal or things that are evocative of your family. This includes family pictures, fridge stickers, keepsakes, and even some furniture you may have a sentimental connection with. However, suppose you will be required to remove sizeable items, such as furniture. In that case, you should consider hiring one of the local moving companies to ensure that your essentials are safely transported. The potential buyers want to envision themselves living in your current residence. Therefore, if they see personal items on your walls, makeup cabinets, or wardrobe, they will see how your life is in your house.


While you are at it, you should also consider decluttering. Reports from the real estate industry show that decluttering during the home staging process can boost the return on investment by about 432%. Therefore, you can see how essential it is to remove all unnecessary items to make the space tidy and less crowded.


Add a Coat of Paint


Nothing says ‘welcome’ better than freshly painted walls, ceilings, and other parts of a property. However, you have to be very keen on the paint and colors you use because a wrong choice is a recipe for bad vibes from potential purchasers. Do not just pick any colors and spread them on your walls, ceiling, or roofing. It would be ideal to hire an experienced local painter, considering that they have extensive knowledge of which paintings are the most sought after in the current market.


It would be unwise to open your doors to potential buyers, knowing very well that you have painted your house using alarming red or blue colors. A buyer will be looking for neutral paint that will make it easy to match when adding some interior decor. Some of the best options recommended by various real estate agents include off-white, repose gray, agreeable gray, and accessible beige. If the painting project seems expensive or does not excite you, you have the option to enhance the beauty of your walls using an admirable faux accent wall panel.


Allow Natural Light in


After cleaning, rearranging, and decluttering, you will need to ensure that your work is conspicuous. One of the best ways to increase visibility is by having enough light inside the house. Open the window curtains and remove the blinds to allow more sunshine into your home. Additionally, it is advisable to check your electrical fixtures and lights and put them on, including those in your wardrobe. If you have any issues, it would be wise to consider procuring electrical repair services from an experienced electrician. A well-lit home feels warm and inviting to anyone who comes in. Besides making the rooms feel spacious and breathable, you will get happy prospective buyers, considering that natural light has been proven to increase the serotonin levels in the human brain. You might be asking yourself, how can I increase the light during the staging process if it has small windows? Well, the best idea would be to hang a mirror directly opposite the big window. The sunshine will reflect off the mirror, making the room appear more spacious and open. You may even consider installing a skylight to increase the natural light streaming into the house.


Repair the Appliances

The truth is no buyer will be willing to come into a home whose heating and cooling unit is not functional. That is why it would be essential to consider getting an HVAC service and other repair services from experienced individuals before visitors come to your house. Faulty systems and appliances mean that the buyer will have to spend more money repairing them once they settle down on the property.


That can have adverse effects on your home’s asking price and your negotiation power. Besides the appliances, you should also do the necessary renovations on different parts of the property. The roof, for instance, is among the first places potential buyers will see. So, why don’t you think of hiring a residential roofing company to make the necessary repairs and replacements? While you are at it, check the condition of the gutters to ensure that they serve their purpose as intended.


The Effects of Covid-19 on Open House and the Staging Process


Many human life aspects have been affected by the coronavirus that has become life-threatening globally. Open house events and the staging process are not exceptions. Before the pandemic, realtors made tangible sales through an open house and home staging. Over the last year, about ten percent of homeowners have confirmed having bought their homes without seeing them physically.


World Health Organization and all governments have put on restrictions to minimize and mitigate the spread of Covid-19. Such limits include avoiding crowded places, avoiding handshakes, and keeping social distance between you and the next person. In this case, the open house experience has been dramatically affected for home buyers, sellers, and real estate agents.


The Tours


Realtors have to develop new methods to showcase the homes that are on the current market. This has directed them into taking advantage of modern technology. Today, if you want to buy a home, you can get technological home tours through virtual tours, virtual 3D tours, virtual staging, and aerial drone photography and filming. However, this is not as effective as visiting the place in person.




Selling a home involves more than listing it on the current market – the real estate agents must get the word out there about the available properties to quickly find potential buyers. However, there are movement restrictions that the agents must adhere to, thanks to the covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, moving around has become a health risk, especially in highly populated places. So, you may be asking, how then will I market and sell my home? The answer is going the technology way. You should consider showcasing the home you want to sell on social media platforms like Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter. The main benefit of using these platforms is that you can reach a bigger audience within a short time.




After closing the deal with the buyer, the next step is for them to make the necessary payments. Before the pandemic, it was okay to make cash payments. However, that has been discouraged today, considering that cash has been ranked among the significant ways of spreading the virus. Therefore, the purchasers are left with making payments through their banks and wire transfers. Different mobile service providers have also curated other methods that your buyers can use to pay you.


Social Distance

Indeed, some realtors are still conducting open house events. Nonetheless, they have to stick to the set rules concerning the number of attendees, as recommended by the CDC and the government. One of these rules is that you should only allow a maximum of ten people to tour the property at any given time. This is an effort to minimize contact between people, consequently reducing the spread of the virus. Realtors and home sellers are advised to ensure that any potential buyer coming into the property washes their hands for about twenty seconds or uses an alcohol-based sanitizer. Moreover, visitors should either remove their shoes or cover them with booties to avoid contaminating the property’s floor. Finally, you must thoroughly disinfect the home after the open house event, especially the commonly touched areas, such as doorknobs, furniture, faucet handles, and showerheads.


Economic Hardships


People are facing difficult financial times, considering that the number of job losses and failing businesses has skyrocketed during these covid-19 times. This means that there has been a decrease in the demand for homes because most potential buyers are not financially healthy. This fact has rendered many realtors jobless over the last year. On the side of open house events, not many homeowners are willing to risk their health and their family’s health by allowing strangers into their properties. Additionally, listing and staging new construction homes are processes that need money. Many homeowners are unwilling to do that because it can take a while to sell their properties on the current real estate market and get back their money.


Getting a buyer quickly and earning a tangible return on investment are two things that occupy your mind when thinking of selling your home. However, it will be hard to achieve that if you do not prepare your home for the current market. The above-discussed tips will help you stage your property appropriately to ensure that you attract only the best buyers, regardless of the effects of covid-19 on the staging process. Talk with your real estate agent to understand better the current trends in the market.



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