Taking A Much Closer Look At The Need For Disability Accessibility Here In The United States

Written by Home Depot Shingles. Posted in Lift service, Moving walkways, Wheelchair lift repair

Here in the United States, struggling with various mobility issues is certainly far from uncommon. From those who have been diagnosed with some sort of disability to those who are simply getting on in years, the need for mobility aids is quite an extensive one on a country wide scale – more extensive than the average person might even actively realize. This number is only growing as well, as more and more people become part of the elderly population.
The statistics that have been gathered on the subject more than back up this claim, showing that more than six and a half million people are using some type of mobility aid here in the United States alone, let alone all throughout the world as a whole. Much of these disabilities stem not from an accident or a genetic condition, but simply from aging, especially as the population of elderly people has been growing quite consistently in recent years. By the time that someone reaches and surpasses the age of 65, they have a more than 65%