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Check Lists Take the Pain out of Moving

2011 moving checklist

If you move a lot, like I do, then you know that there is nothing worse, after a long day of moving, than walking into your new house and realizing you left something important behind. What is worse? Not being able to immediately go out and buy a replacement.That is why I, and many experts and professional movers, recommend making moving check lists.

Often, if you are using a moving service, then they will have a sample moving check list on their website that you can print off and use. If you are not using a moving service, you can easily use a web search to find one. Or, you can make your own moving check list.

I find it easiest to organize my moving check lists by room, and then by priority. For example, in the bathroom, high priority items are my toothbrush, toothpaste, and deodorant; things that I would rather not go a day or two without, and things that will be packed so that I can access them easily when I get to my new place. Lower priority items on my moving check list are my facewash and, I will admit it, floss. Things that I will not necessarily miss if they are buried behind a ton of boxes for a couple of days. For the kitchen, my coffee, grinder, and French press are all on the high priority section of my moving list, but maybe I can let my pots and pans hang out in their boxes until I am tired of take out. Obviously, your moving check list is going to differ my moving check list. We probably have different priorities. Maybe you are really keen on flossing.

This may seem daunting at first, like it would be a lot less work to forget about a moving check list and throw things into a truck willy nilly, but I guarantee that the stress it saves you if you forget just one high priority item is worth every second. If go through your house or apartment, room by room, and organize everything, write it down, and stick to the plan, moving will never again be the stressful nightmare that it once was.

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