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Do I Need to Replace My Windows?


Is it time to replace your home’s windows? Take this easy quiz and see!

Do Your Heating Bills Seem to High?

If you answered yes to this one, you are probably like most Americans and spending an average of 45% of your energy bill on heating. If you?re using natural gas, the average heating cost is $649. Since drafty windows alone can increase your energy bills by 10-25%, they should be prime suspects when you?re looking for culprits for your high energy bill.

That?s a lot of money, and replacement windows can make a big difference. Say you have a 2,600-square-foot house with older double-pane windows. The Efficient Windows Collaborative estimates that you?ll save about 15% a year with new energy-efficient, low-E coating windows.

Are You Thinking About Remodeling?

Yes? Then you?re in good company. Two-thirds of homeowners are considering it. Top of the list of your remodeling jobs should be the install windows. Replacement windows only cost between $300 and $700, depending on size and material; and when maintained well, a high-quality window can last more than 20 years.

In 2012, 44% of remodeling jobs involved windows or doors, and the National Association of Realtors estimates you?ll get back 80% of your investment in window replacement; so it?s hard to see how putting in replacements could be a real loss.

Are You Putting in Vinyl Siding

Vinyl windows should go with it. They?re much cheaper than wood windows and require almost no maintenance to keep them in good shape. Wood windows need constant care.

If you hate the look, though, it?s possible to get cheaper, efficient, and maintenance-free vinyl with different types of cladding to improve the aesthetics.

Do You Care About Noise and Light Problems?

Replacement windows aren?t just energy-savers. They might be carpet-savers, too! UV rays from the sun can quickly fade furniture and rugs and even cause deterioration of flooring. UV blocking can protect the inside of your home.

Another advantage in the replacements is noise reductions. Modern windows are much more efficient at buffering the sounds of traffic, screaming kids, or the neighbor?s late-night party.

Are You Looking To Brighten Up?

In the past, vinyl windows were pretty boring. You could count on precisely two colors: white and off-white. The reason for this was simple: white reflects heat. Vinyl is very heat-sensitive, and dark paint would absorb that heat, causing the vinyl to expand and buckle. Nobody wants that on the outside of their home.

Fortunately, modern paint manufacturers have been on the job. They?ve designed paint that can deflect heat in almost any color you want, and most come with long-term guarantees.

Do You Live in An Area With a Lot of Storms?

If so, the best windows are the ones that resist breaking and filling your home with glass shards, debris, and water: not to mention damaging winds.

Hurricane replacement windows not only protect you from storms and breakage, they also increase the value of your home significantly. In fact, whatever kind of windows you get, be aware that your house value increases in proportion to what you spend on windows.

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you should seriously look into window companies in your area. Replacements could be the best long-term money saver you?ll ever invest in.

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