Don’t Hire A Plumber Later, Hire Them Now

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Ever since ancient civilizations, like the Greeks, Romans, Persians, Indian, and Chinese, grew in size, plumbing became an integral part of their infrastructure. It provided the need to separate drinking water from waste. And since ancient times, plumbing has evolved–improved–as many inventions typically do as time goes by. This is, in part, thanks to regulations and laws enforcing them; expectations that would have been a PR disaster for Rome if the same laws and regulations were around. However, regardless of how more advanced plumbing is, plumbing has yet evolved to repair itself. Until then, we rely on plumbing services that professionals are certified to fix.
Here is the rub: letting a leak go because you do not want to pay for plumbing services is only going to hurt you more in the end. Let us put it this way, any average home you choose is probably leaking 10,000 gallons of water every single year. To put that into context, an average load of laundry is using about 37 gallons of water, a small fraction, but that 10,000 gallons of water equates to 270 loads of laundry. Furthermore, that faucet that is dripping every second is wasting 3,000 gallons every year, practically dripping money down your sink. It is just better for you wallet to tighten those pipes and fix those leaks. In fact, you can save 10 percent on your water bill getting simple leaks fixed or replacing a few pipes, especially considering 20 to 35 percent of toilets need some kind of maintenance of varying degree, according to several studies conducted.

How’s That Water Heater?

Not only are plumbers capable of drain cleaning, sewer repairs, and all around plumbing services, but they are capable of water heater installations. As if the leaks you house might be experiencing already, a water heater leak is just icing on the cake, albeit, bad tasting icing that you don’t want to eat. If you water heater is pushing 10 years old, it is time to replace it. And yes, even if you had it maintained and service frequently. It is simply the nature of more advanced and more efficient technology. Take tankless water heaters, for example, rather than waste water and energy, it passes water through and heats it without relying on a reservoir. This can be a boon for your savings if your home is smaller or your house does not utilize a lot of water.

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