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Find the Best Pool And Patio Screen Mesh For You

If you’re looking for pool and patio screen mesh, but don’t know what type would be best for you, then you’ve come to the right place. When it comes to patio screens or pool screens there are a variety of materials, each with their own set of benefits. Here are a few of the most commonly used types, along with a few of their perks.

Types of Pool and Patio Screens

  • Fiberglass screens. Fiberglass pool and patio screen mesh is both flexible and easy to have installed. These screens are harder to dent or tear, and are popular for use in recently constructed homes. Heavy duty varieties exist that provide additional durability when used around patios and pools. This type is also recommended for spaces where extra support is needed, such as a large opening.
  • Aluminium screens. Aluminium is very light, yet strong and surprisingly durable in many conditions. It’s rust resistant and won’t corrode, while it is mainly used for simple window screens nowadays it’s something to look into. Be aware that unlike fiberglass it is prone to denting and potential tearing.
  • Pet screens. We all love our animal friends, even when the claw up the screens. If you have a dog or cat you may want to look into investing in a screen that can stand up to their antics. Screens designed with pets in mind are specially constructed to stand up to even the most excited pawing and clawing.
  • Solar screens. Solar screens are designed to help block out unwanted solar rays, and is a good candidate if your pool or patio gets a lot of direct sun. Capable of blocking up to ninety percent of solar rays, they can help prevent sunburn, and obnoxious heat.
  • Super screens. When it comes to pool and patio screen mesh, super screens live up to their name. Usually used around large patios these will stand up to all kinds of wear and tear. Throw debris from high winds, insects, birds, pets, and more, they are designed to last for years.
  • Clear screens. If you live in a relatively calm area, where heavy strain on screens isn’t a huge issue, this may be a screen worth considering. Living up to its name it is nearly invisible. This lends itself to unimpeded views, which allows you to kick back on the patio and take in the sights unhindered.

These are the most commonly used screens, and they each have their own series of benefits depending on your needs. Some lend themselves to both patios and pools, while others work best on small, low impact porches. Regardless of your needs you’re sure to find something that suits your specific needs.

If you need help deciding which works best in your area, and for your home, don’t hesitate to contact a professional near you. They would be more than happy to elaborate on the pros and cons, in addition to advising on your unique situation.

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