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Finding Radon In Your Home

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There are a lot of important aspects of having a healthy and wholesome home that people often overlook. When people think about having a healthy and wholesome home they will immediately start thinking about the appearance of their home and also how well kept their home is but that is not all that matters. What really matters is making sure your home is tested for dangerous substances and securing the infrastructure of your home.

Now listen, I do not want you to be confused by using some of these big words that are specific to inspectors that work on your house. But think about this, how important is it to make sure that you have carbon monoxide detectors in your home? It is really important. So here is what you need to know about radon in your home.

Radon testing companies are located across the United States and they will send a radon testing contractor to inspect your house and they will do radon testing to get your radon test results. Make sure you test for radon in your home to help protect your health. Radon mitigation and abatement service is going to be incredibly important for your and the health of your home and family.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency has worked with the Surgeon General’s Office and has estimated that as many as 20,000 lung cancer deaths are caused by radon every single year. The United States Environmental Protection Agency has also revealed that 1 in 3 homes checked across seven states had screening levels that were over the recommended action level for radon exposure which is incredibly dangerous.

Make sure you get residential radon testing services that can work to find radon in your home. Any family that lives in a house with radon levels above the recommended action level will be exposed to just about 35 times as much radiation as the Nuclear Regulatory Commission that would allow for a family that stands next to the fence of a radioactive waste site. This statistics should display to you why it is so important to find radon in your home.

There have been warnings released by the Surgeon General that has revealed that it is indeed the second leading cause of lung cancer found in the United States today. Short-term detectors measure radon levels anywhere between the time span of 2 days to 90 days, and this all depends on the device. Long-term detectors will work to determine the average concentration of radon in your home for more than 90 days.
Scientists have collected information that has determined that lung cancer death could be reduced by up to 4%, which equates to about 5,000 deaths, by simply lowering the amount of radon in your home that is above the Environmental Protection Agency’s action level.

In houses that contain long-time average radon concentration, it has been proven that the risk of lung cancer increases by 16%. Using passive systems of mitigation have been shown to be capable of reducing indoor radon levels by more than 50% and when radion fans are added it can help to reduce radon levels even further. Just about 1 in 15 homes across the United States contain radon levels above the action level recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency.

In Conclusion

Taking care of the radon in your home is going to be essential to maintaining great health and having a great home to live in. Do not allow the radon in your home to go undetected or to be above the action level recommended by the EPA. It can be incredibly dangerous to your health if the radon in your home exceeds these levels and if you have children in the house you cannot afford to run that risk. You need to not only protect yourself but you also need to make sure that you protect the children in your home so they are not exposed to high levels of radiation.

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