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Four Benefits of Having a Turfgrass Lawn

Environmentally responsible lawn care services

One important choice a homeowner faces is what type of yard they want to have. A lawn that is safe for the environment is becoming important to people. Many homeowners are choosing turfgrass for several reasons. In this post, you will learn the many benefits of having turfgrass on your property.

  • Increases Property Value: Research shows that turfgrass can increase the value of a home by 15-20 percent. You might not think about it now but one day you may want to sell your home. Experts say that doing everything to increase the value of a home helps it to sell faster. Organic lawn care services can ensure your property features beautiful and beneficial turfgrass.
  • Controls Pollution: Unfortunately, pollution is almost everywhere you turn. Having a turfgrass lawn is doing your part to help reduce the harmful effects of pollution. Turfgrass controls pollution by holding onto about 12 million tons of particles released into the United States each year. A turfgrass protects these harmful particles from entering your home.
  • Cooling Effect: One thing homeowners dread is seeing their monthly utility bills. Doing anything to help lower those bills is a beneficial task. As it turns out, turfgrass is a great solution for cooling your home. As odd as it may seem, turfgrass traps heat in the air helping to cool surrounding areas. Who knew that organic lawn care services could help cool your home?
  • Helps Control Water Drainage: Pollution doesn?t only affect the air you breathe. Research shows that 40-60 percent of nitrogen runs off surfaces and ends up in ground water. What makes matters worse is that this groundwater can end up in wells people drink from. As previously mentioned, turfgrass is great for trapping particles. This grass can also help retain water to keeping it from mixing with particles and draining where it shouldn?t go.
  • In summary, there are many benefits of a home choosing to have turfgrass on their lawn. Environmentally responsible lawn care services will have your lawn ready fast and efficiently. Turfgrass is great for increasing the value of a property for potential buyers. The cooling effect of nearby turfgrass could mean you see a lower utility bill. The catching of water by turfgrass ensures you are doing your part to keep the environment a little safer.

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