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Glass is Back and Here’s Why We Love It

Lovers of clean, functional furniture have lately turned to hardwood and brushed brass, but one of the most durable and enduring materials to make a comeback is glass. Glass tables and cabinets work in nearly any context, and unlike the cups and champagne flutes in your kitchen, they’re hardy. Here are a few more reasons that glass coffee tables and end tables are coming back into fashion, and why we’re all for it.

Glass is Recyclable

You may enjoy the look of your plastic Ikea end tables, but once you outgrow the style, it will inevitably end up in the “Free” section of Craigslist or taking up space in a landfill. Glass, by contrast, is durable and 100% recyclable, allowing you to shop with a clear conscience. In addition, glass makes a perfect blank canvas. Even if you can’t find a way to reuse your glass table top with a new base, you’re sure to find someone else who will.

Glass Comes in Many Forms

Traditional glass coffee tables and end tables are very chic, but glass can be manipulated in so many different ways. Give your living space a modern feel with a black glass table, transparent dry erase board, and unobtrusive floating glass shelves. Create a bohemian sanctuary with a Himalayan natural crystal salt lamp and cabinets with tinted glass panels as accents. Show off your artwork and heirlooms with custom glass shelves and a glass curio cabinet with lights. The sky’s the limit.

Glass is Classic

Ultimately, a clean, high-quality piece of furniture never goes out of style. Well-made glass coffee tables and end tables can elevate the look of any living room. Fads come and go, but true style lasts forever. Investing in custom made glass cabinets or modern glass end tables ensures that you’ll have an attractive sitting room, no matter what styles or trends you choose to incorporate later.

Always work with trusted glass blowers and manufacturers to find the right pieces. Choosing a custom piece takes a little more time, but it guarantees that you’ll have a one-of-a-kind piece that lasts a lifetime.

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