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How to Make Your Home Sound Proof

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There were 172,300 working musicians in the United States in 2014. Nearly two out five of them were self employed. This means there are a lot of musicians working out of their homes. Many musicians use acoustic building products to sound proof their homes.

To know how to best sound proof your home, it is important to understand the way sound moves. Many physical actions result in sound waves, which travel through the air, liquid and solid materials in different rates. When they travel through the air, they reach our ears, cause vibrations in our ear drum, which our brain interprets as sound.

Traditional building materials are not great for blocking sounds. This is acoustic building materials were developed. Conventional materials such as drywall does little to block the movement of sound. Sounds, such as music, are able to pass through unencumbered. It is possible to use acoustic ceiling products and acoustic wall coverings to block sounds from moving so easily throughout the home.

Here are some things you can do to make your home quiet:

Use acoustic building products to block the movement of sounds.

There are a number of options out there to cut down on the movement of sound in your home. It is important to remember that sounds will bounce off of hard surfaces but will be absorbed by soft surfaces.

  • Sound absorbing curtains: These can reduce the amount of sound that enters your home from the outside but also keeps the sounds you make indoors stay there. Sound absorbing curtains are a cost effective way to keep sounds from entering or exiting a room. When used in conjunction with other sound absorbing materials, they can go a long way in keeping you home as quiet as you like it to be, even when a band is practicing for a big show.
  • Acoustical ceiling accessories: These can be used to cut down on the amount of sound that is able to escape a space. You can get panels that measure two feet by two feet that are very effective at keeping sound from moving through the space. If you have your music studio in the basement, the sounds from your music will stay there and will not travel to the rooms directly above the basement. If you like to practice late into the evening, your family can still sleep happily and not be disturbed by your music.
  • Sound isolation wall panels: After you have installed your acoustic building products on the ceiling and have the sound absorbing curtains on the windows, your next step is the other walls in the room. Sound isolation wall panels can be used to complete your soundproofing plan. These are very effective at keeping sound from passing through the walls to other spaces in your home.
  • Sound blocking doors: These really complete your soundproofing project. Hollow doors can do little to block the movement of sound from one space to another. In fact, most doors are built in a manner that is very similar to the way a drum is constructed. Remember, if you put in sound blocking doors, you need to install weatherstripping as well. After you have done this, your music studio will be totally soundproof and you can rock all night long without keeping anyone else in the home awake. Your neighbors will thank you as well.

Evaluate your sound system.

  • Another thing you can do to make your home more quiet is take a look at your sound system. When you use poorly made speakers or if you just bought the cheapest ones you could find, and many people do, you may be inadvertently making unnecessary noises. Switching your speakers out for high fidelity options can give you the quality music you want without making extraneous noise.
  • Look at your subwoofers. These are common problem areas for sound systems. While this is not considered to be one of the acoustic building products, getting subwoofer isolation pads will prevent some of the vibrations created by your subwoofers without taking away the base tones that you like to hear.

It is possible to maintain a quiet home even with musicians in the house. You can encourage their work and creativity and still get a good night’s sleep.


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