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Installing Residential Lifts Makes Homes Safer and More Convenient for Seniors

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Installing residential lifts has always been a matter of improving convenience and accessibility within family homes. Recent demographic changes like the aging of the Baby Boomer generation and the rise of multigenerational households have made changes necessary in the way homes are set up. Residential elevators can be a major improvement to help seniors live more comfortably in their homes. Nowadays, these come in a range of styles and designs to match your home. A consultation with a residential elevator installation company is the best way to begin if you’re considering making changes to your home.

The new American household
Almost unnoticed, a number of significant demographic shifts are taking place in American society. The Baby Boomer generation, which represents a large percentage of the total population, is aging rapidly. Many of them are also choosing to age in place, remaining in their homes instead of moving to retirement communities.
Another significant and related shift is that many households are becoming multigenerational. This can happen in many different ways. Aging parents may move in with their children, or adult children may move back home to care for elderly parents. In many cases, the adult children will have children of their own. Home design and construction however have not yet adjusted to this new reality.

Making homes safe and convenient
Most American homes were built with the nuclear family in mind, and lack many of the features that would make them safer and more convenient for seniors. With many seniors now choosing to stay on in their homes rather than move to retirement communities, some modifications are necessary. Homes now need to be easier for the elderly to live in, as more and more seniors choose to age in place.
Many seniors and their families now consider installing residential lifts to be a necessary modification in order to make their homes safer and more convenient. As people age, it gets more difficult for them to negotiate stairs. The risk of trips and falls also increases with age, and these can cause serious and lasting injures. Needless to add, any falls on stairs could be very dangerous.

Types of residential elevators
Choosing to install residential lifts can make homes much more convenient and safer for seniors. In fact, more and more homeowners are choosing this option, and around 10,000 home elevators are installed each year. There are five major types of elevators, each suited for a different type of building and purpose. These are elevators designed for passengers, freight, LULA, homes, and personnel, with varying sizes and capacity.
Manufacturers now offer a range of styles and designs to suit all types of homes. Another consideration in choosing residential elevators is a quiet, smooth ride. All work should be down by a reputable residential elevator installation company. A good elevator company should be able to advise you on the best choices for your home and your situation, including such options as space-saving and environmentally sound installations. They can also be contracted for elevator maintenance and repair as necessary.

As people age and more and more seniors choose to stay on in their homes, some modifications are necessary to make homes safer and more convenient for them. The first step in this process can be a consultation with a residential elevator installation company, to discuss the best options for your situation.

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