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Professional Landscape Lighting Adds to a Home’s Curb Appeal

Homeowners choose professional outdoor lighting for a number of reasons: to improve the home’s curb appeal, for greater safety, and for aesthetic reasons. Whatever the reason for adding exterior lighting, it’s best to get advice and help from lighting professionals, who have experience in pulling it all together with stunning effect. Whether you want to spotlight plants or water features or just want deck and patio lighting for convenience and safety, it’s best to get experienced designers who understand where to place landscape lighting for maximum effect.

Landscape lighting as home improvement
Exterior lighting installation is gaining in popularity among home improvement projects. Half of all homeowners surveyed for the 2017 Houzz Landscaping Trends Study who planned outdoor renovations included landscape lighting design ideas in their projects. About 73% of them also chose energy-efficient LED lights for their projects.
There’s no doubt that adding landscape lighting adds to the curb appeal of a property. It also makes the outdoors safer, eliminating the possibility of trips and falls on decks, patios, and garden paths. Deck and patio lighting also increases the functionality of these areas, making it possible to use them for entertaining.

Aesthetic values in lighting
There are aesthetic as well as practical reasons for adding outdoor lights to a backyard or patio. Aesthetic elements can take the form of spotlights that pick out special plantings or features such as water bodies. The effect of lights on water or under water is always calming and fascinating. Fairy lights on trees and shrubs are always in season, not just in the winter.
Over two thirds of homeowners who have outdoor spaces use them for relaxing. Outdoor lights, whether they’re installed for practical or aesthetic reasons, or both, add a special touch to any outdoor space. A special effect is achieved by what designers call moonlight, which produces the look of moonlight filtered through branches. To achieve this effect, lights are placed within the plant rather than under or on top.

Professional landscape lighting ideas
As with any large project, it’s best to get advice and help from the lighting professionals. There are aesthetic, practical, and financial choices to be made, and it helps to have their experience thrown into the mix. For instance, a choice must be made between regular yellow lighting and LED lights.
LED lights use only a fraction of the energy used by standard halogen lamps and produce more light. The correct placing of lights on walkways, stairs, decks, and patios is important for safety. Pulling together the visual and practical elements of landscape lighting is best done by professionals with wide experience in the field.

Landscape lighting, inducing deck and patio lighting, can add to the beauty and curb appeal of a home. Lighting professionals can bring together the practical and aesthetic elements of landscape lighting for a unique look for each home.

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