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Recovering From the Storm Three Areas of Your Home to Inspect After a Natural Disaster

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Owning a home is one of the most expensive investments an individual can make with the average homeowner spending between one to four percent of a home’s value every year on maintenance and repairs — this amounts to at least $2,000 per year for a $200,000 home. These repairs help give homeowners the peace of mind that their home will be able to stand up to the elements and provide safety and comfort for occupants. Unfortunately, there are times when mother nature has other plans and sends storms, hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, and other disasters to wreck havoc upon our homes. The cost of damages from these disasters are extreme at times; water damage for instance costs an average of $2,386 to fix, wind damage costs significantly more at $5,757, and fire damage often reaches $4,172. Here are some places in your home that could possibly use an update to ensure that your home can stand up to the elements.

Secured Windows

Although windows provide a view of the outside world for those at home, it is a fact that these also happen to be the weakest part of a home. Windows are frequently targeted in burglaries and are responsible for a majority of a home’s heating and cooling losses — some studies suggest that a typical family will spend roughly a third of its annual heating and cooling budget on air that slips through cracks and gaps. By installing new Energy Star approved window models, homeowners can save up to $500 per year according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Windows are especially susceptible to storm damage, as a 2×4 traveling at 30 miles per hour in a storm can puncture most windows and doors alike; thus installing storm grade windows and doors may be a viable option depending on where you live. Remodeling Magazine’s annual Cost Vs Value Report cited the average cost of a vinyl window replacement at $11,319; a wood window replacement costs slightly more at $12,229 but has been shown to better improve the desirability and value of a home.

A Quality Roof

Most homeowners seldom consider the state of their roof until something happens to go wrong. Through regular inspection and roof service repairs homeowners can attempt to avoid needless water damage caused from a leaking roof. Studies that that even in fairly low winds there is a potential for a roof to lose shingles; over time this process can continue to the point where a roof repair or replacement becomes the only option. Experts suggest that homeowners have their roofs inspected professionally at least once or twice per year. The cost of a roof repair depends on a number of factors including material choice, the extent of the repairs, and the proficiency of the installer. By doing their own roofs, DIY homeowners typically pay between $1,000 and $4,000 to fully replace standard 2,200 to 2,600 square foot shingled roofs; a professional will charge between $2,000 to $8,500 for the same roof.

Guaranteed Gutters

The role that gutters play when it comes to protecting our homes from water damage cannot be overstated — for this reason gutter repairs are essential to keeping a home safe. By directing rain water away from foundations gutters help houses avoid basement flooding, foundation damage, and even health risks posed by excess lingering moisture from rainwater — when combined with proper landscaping, rainwater will be direct towards sewers rather than foundations. A gutter is not flawless however and likewise requires regular gutter repairs and cleaning to ensure that they are capable of performing optimally. Leaves can easily clog gutters, meaning that excess water can cause damage over time if not cleaned out — some professional gutter repairs offer a shielding that can go over gutters to allow water to enter while keeping leaves and other debris out. Like roofs, experts suggest having your gutters inspected by professionals at least once per year in order to avoid potentially costly gutter repairs in the future.

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