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Home Depot Shingles

Rental Equipment for Home Repairs and Summer Parties

Tools for rent

Equipment rental is commonly in demand. In fact, the ARA Rental Market Monitor states that the total investment within the Rental Market was anticipated to reach just over $12 billion in 2014 and grow by 2015. For the past couple of years, approximately 51% of new construction manufactured equipment has been continuously on rental lots. With the availability of some of the best equipment, you can complete several projects without having to spend thousands on purchasing your own equipment. Rental equipment has since tripled that rate, per the American Rental Association.

Home Repairs
If you have a home repair project underway and you’re trying to figure out how you’re going to afford all of the necessary tools and equipment, there is a better option. With a more affordable choice, you can take advantage of rental tools. Considering tools for rent will save you not only from breaking the bank, but you also won’t have to find room to store all of the equipment and tools if you were to purchase them. For example, if you were to purchase a floor removal machine, you may not know where you would be able to store it, but by renting this machine, you can leave it at your home for the duration of the project.

Outdoor Party Rentals
Thanks to the ability to be able to rent outdoor party items, you can have the perfect party. Birthday parties are common outdoors during the summer months. For children’s parties, you can rent a standard bouncy house. With just 15 to 20 minutes of set up time, children will be able to jump around and have a blast at the birthday party. It’s not advised to have more than 12 children in a 15X15 bouncy house at one time. If you don’t have the right seating options for parents and other family members, you can easily rent a few rental chairs for as low as $2 per each chair. Approximately 67% of individuals will accept an invitation to a summer birthday party that is outdoors, so it’s wise to create the most memorable birthday party you can with the help of renting the best equipment.

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