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The Benefits Of Hiring A Lighting Designer

Though many people would not think of hiring a lighting designer, a lighting designer can be hugely beneficial to your home or your office environment. After all, lighting is often more important to the overall feel of a space that what we give it credit for. Poor lighting can cause stress and even anxiety while good lighting implemented by a lighting designer can help to brighten moods considerable.

Landscape lights are considerably more important and have become a focus for many who are upgrading their outdoor spaces. Of outdoor space renovation, the backyard is currently the most popular place to renovate, with more than sixty percent of homeowners choosing to focus their renovation efforts there. Custom landscape lighting can make a backyard or really any outdoor space feel inviting and warm (and using bulbs marked 2700-2900K can create a welcoming warm yellow glow in any outdoor space – or really any space at all). As most people looking into landscape renovation and implementing things like patio lighting and landscape path lighting spend more than six hours outside every week pursuing activities like gardening, relaxing and entertaining, hiring a lighting designer is well worth the initial cost. Hiring a lighting designer can be beneficial for those who are looking to put their homes on the market as well. In fact, proper landscaping, including whatever lights may end up being utilized can help a home to sell for nearly fifteen percent more money than it would have otherwise. This is so significant that around ninety percent of real estate agents – almost all of them – recommend landscape renovations before a home is placed on the market and shown to prospective home buyers.

Some people may be concerned about the cost of lighting or about the environmental impact of their lighting choices. Fortunately, LED bulbs have become increasingly popular in recent years. LED bulbs are both environmentally friendly and financially friendly choice, as they expend more light at less cost. The typical LED bulb outlasts a halogen bulb by a considerable margin and can produce eighty five percent more light than a halogen bulb, making them extremely efficient. They also have been proven to use only around fifteen percent of the energy that a halogen bulb needs in order to operate. For those to whom energy usage is important, LED bulbs present a viable option and alternative to the traditional halogen light bulb. Hiring a lighting designer can help with the light bulb selection process, as a lighting designer will know the best way to save money while remaining environmentally conscious about energy use.

The lighting for the interior of your home is just as important as unique patio lighting and landscape lighting and many people will hire a professional lighting designer to help them put together their residential lighting design plan. Residential lighting typically steers towards warmer lights and far away from harsh lighting choices, as it is important for a home to feel welcoming and friendly as well as comforting. For those who are busy and aren’t always in their home, setting your home lighting system to a timer that can dim the lights and raise them at the same time every day can be hugely helpful in maintaining the type of home environment that is desired, keeping your home the way the want it to look at all times of day.

The lighting your incorporate in either your personal spaces or your professional ones is more important than you may initially realize, as your lighting choices are instrumental in setting the overall mood of the place. In fact, lighting is so important that incorporating lighting design into your outdoor landscaping choices can even help your home to sell for more if you ever decide to place it on the market. Lighting is important for the interior of your home as well as the exterior, and the proper lighting can help to cultivate the mood and overall feel of your home. For those who are inexperienced with lighting design, as the majority of us are, hiring as lighting designer can be well worth the cost.

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