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The Best Commercial Electrical Tips to Save You Money and Stress

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In a typical American home, the largest energy expense comes from heating and cooling, which composes 48 percent of energy use in one house alone. Most homeowners are unaware that the heating and cooling systems in their homes are insufficient, and some, dangerous. With simple home maintenance and regular HVAC-related services, a majority of issues with internal commercial electrical systems can be prevented, and at surprisingly low cost.

Simple and regular HVAC inspections (Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning), can ensure your home?s heating and air conditioning systems are working properly. Some HVAC experts say homeowners likely don?t realize their systems need repairs, and suggest that it?s important to look out for signs that your heating system may need replacing, such as using a 12 to 15 year-old system, or one that doesn?t heat sufficiently, requires frequent fixing, turns on and off regularly, uses excess energy to function, or makes unusual noises. Experts also claim lack of maintenance contributes to up to 75 percent of ?no heat? calls in the winter months, and that a furnace or AC unit left unserviced could plunge or sky-rocket your family into extreme temperatures?not to mention improperly-installed equipment may decrease heating and cooling efficiency by almost 30 percent. Thus, scheduling annual check-ups for your home systems is a good idea.

Looking to save money on your sky-high electrical bill? Save energy too, by investing in quality commercial electrical appliances. For example, high-efficiency furnaces usually bring in AFVE ratings between 90-95 percent, and while these are usually pricey, they may save more money and energy in the long run and can ensure you?ll rest easy. To reduce money and energy waste from being lost, literally, right through the roof, consider attic insulation to ensure that up to 20 percent of every dollar spent on home heating stays circulating within. Keep your wallet full by taking small but simple steps toward system upkeep, so you won?t have to pay hundreds for elaborate bathroom remodeling, which is the most requested home-repair job in the United States, according to a survey by the National Association of Home Builders.

Common plumbing issues can also be avoided in the home by being regularly aware of water wasting. Like your home?s heating and cooling system, plumbing is also easily overlooked until the water bill is mailed. Ensure showerheads are drip-free after each use, as a post-shower rate of 10 drips per minute wastes more than 3,000 gallons of water per year?roughly the equivalent of 18 showers. Though ten percent of homes waste more than 90 gallons of water per day through leaks, you can cut your water bill by ten percent just by fixing easily corrected leaks and drainages.

How many commercial electrical experts does it take to keep a home warm and water and power bills down? With regular HVAC inspections, easy household habits that reduce energy and water waste, and installing proper and efficient systems, you?ll hopefully only need one visit from these skilled handymen per year.

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