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The Double Duty Beauty Of Today’s Car Port


Car ports first came into play in 1909 when Prairie School architects began using them. They originally were called auto space, which was recommended by a Minnesota firm way back when, but the name never stuck. Today, metal carports are generally used to protect automobiles and other equipment from nature’s elements. For example, a car port can cut down significantly or eliminate entirely damage from hail storms, which typically is uncovered by insurance companies.

Today’s carport generally is made out of steel, which the people living in this country recycle each year more than paper, aluminum, glass and plastic combined. Through recycling steel, the equivalent quantity of energy required to power 18 million residential homes for a full year is normally saved. But most people today use their metal garages and car ports for years and years, since are very durable and stand up against a lot of wear and tear.

These protective spaces often are purchased as metal carport kits, after which customers create their very own car port themselves. Because it normally is very simple to create these structures, with instructions and various tools provided, most consumers today choose to put up these ports themselves rather than hire a professional to do it; and luckily, because of their inherent durability, most every car port in existence today stands in place for years and even decades, offering a semi permanent structure to house cars that need protection and outdoor equipment that will rust or fall apart when outside.

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