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The Key to Different Locks


Did you know that the latest statistic from the FBI in 2013 show that 1.9 million burglaries in the United States resulted in $4.5 billion in property? This is a troubling fact, but there are precautions you can take to ensure that you don?t become part of this data. Picking the right lock and key can add security to your business and bring you peace of mind.

Commercial Door Locks

When choosing a commercial door lock, you must place security above all else. These three types of locks are common for businesses and commercial buildings.

  • Crash Bars is the long horizontal bars that you push inward to unlatch the door. These are used by businesses with high foot traffic that require quick and easy entry. These are mostly used for emergency exits or exits in general.
  • Keypads is one type of electronic lock which utilizes a passcode to ensure secure entry to important and restricted areas. Electric locks are fairly secure, just don?t forget your passcode or tell it to someone else.
  • Mortise locks are more traditional. They have a key and a handle much like any residential lock, yet they are significantly more complicated. Mortise locks are also designed to handle heavy use and have proven over time to be immensely durable.

Different Types of Keys

Just like locks, there are different kays you can use for installing a door.

  • A Skeleton Key is perhaps the most iconic looking key, yet also the least useful. Most locks today are much more sophisticated, but skeleton keys are fascinatingly simple.
  • Abloy Keys are used with disc tumbler locks, which are notoriously difficult to pick. This key rotates disc-shaped pins in the lock rather than pushing them up or down, a motion that is much harder to replicate for lock pickers.
  • Key cards are generally what you use to access a hotel room. They have data on the magnetic strip on the card that pairs with the lock.

There are many different keys and locking mechanisms to choose from. When installing a door, the lock type should match the level of security needed, and the key should match the type of use the lock will see. Key cards are used in hotels because they are cheap to replace and convenient to carry with you. Likewise, keypads are a highly secure option for an area of high traffic that contains sensitive information. When doing a door installation, keep the door?s intended use in mind.

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