Home Depot Shingles

Home Depot Shingles

Two Titans of Roofing

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You would never leave for work without fixing your hair, right? Shingles are like a hairdo for your house. Not taking the time to choose the right shingles for your home is like giving your house a bad hair day for the rest of its life. Here is a breakdown of two of the biggest and best shingles manufacturers in the business, to help you style your house right.

In this corner, we have Owens Corning, a titan of roofing, insulation, and (until recently) siding, for the last three quarters of a century. They emphasize a holistic approach to your roofing, integrating energy saving techniques and materials with a broad range of color and style options. Guides are available online to address nearly every facet of your roofing experience, from choosing a contractor to helpful terms and definitions to recognizing when you need a new roof in the first place. Owens Corning roof shingles have been a staple of the industry for a long time, and show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

And in this corner, we have GAF Materials Corp., specializing in shingles for residential roofs and commercial roofing work of all shapes and sizes. In 2007 GAF merged with Elk Corp., officially welcoming Elk shingles into their product line and expanding their client base and subsequent word of mouth. GAF offers asphalt and laminate shingles in a massive array of colors and styles. You can visit the Home Depot shingles section to see the colors and materials firsthand.

Each company offers exceptional installation service, design service, and overall customer service, and all at competitive prices. Every once in a while an industry is dominated by two competitors who match up well and serve to make each other better. And the quest for the best shingles has given the roofing industry exactly that. With quality, service, and longevity taken care of, all that remains is for you to choose your color.

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