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What is UV Filtration and Why Do I Need It?

Everpure water filter system

Every home wants to have clean drinking water. Public water systems have specific regulations put in place, regarding what quality of water is allowed. There are many in home purification systems that work well within the home. A UV purification system provides additional cleaning to your drinking water. In this post, you will learn what a UV filtration system and why one should be in your home.

There are many advantages of using UV water filtration systems within the home. A UV filtration system is extremely effective in destroying potentially harmful microorganisms contained within public drinking water. Recent research shows that there are over 2,100 contaminants that could be present in drinking water at any given time. What makes matter worse is that some contaminants in tap water have been shown to be poisonous to humans.

Homeowners often prefer a UV filtration system because it doesn?t involve chemicals. Certain water treatment solutions could have you handling chemicals to clean your water. Many do not feel safe with placing additional ingredients into their water. Installing UV water treatment systems keeps water clean without having to add any cleaning solutions to your drinking supply.

The low operating costs of a UV filtration system is a huge perk for homeowners. In most cases, there are only a few small parts that will need to be replaced for a UV system. The Water Quality Association released information showing that four out of ten homes in the United States have a water treatment unit installed in their home.

Homeowners want their water to be cleaned, yet untouched. Luckily, UV water treatment systems do not alter the taste or color of drinking water. It can often be unsettling for treated water to look as good once the color has been changed, due to certain treatment methods. One study found that about 900,000 people fall victim to illnesses that are the direct cause of contaminated water.

In summary, a UV filtration system has many benefits to a homeowner. Whole home water treatment is continuing to grow in popularity within homes all over the world. The most important factor is how well a UV filtration system eliminates harmful particles from water. These systems use no chemicals or solutions which are great for the environment and the homeowner. The low costs of replacement parts are sure to keep a homeowner satisfied while they enjoy their clean drinking water.

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