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Why Many Homeowners are Avoiding VOCs

Throughout your life, it’s understandable to want to begin painting rooms in your home different colors. In fact, statistics gathered from a 2017 interior design trends survey found that over 33% of those surveyed would rather utilize neutral colors. No matter which type of paint colors you prefer, it’s important to know about VOCs. Here is more information about VOCs and why you should avoid them.

What are Volatile Organic Compounds

VOCs or volatile organic compounds can be found inside and outside of your home. These compounds are known to contain carbon in many forms. In certain situations, a small amount of VOCs won’t be harmful to your health. However, high concentrations of volatile organic compounds can become much more of a hazard. In fact, a recent study by CBC Marketplace found that VOC levels above 500 ppb can cause problems for those with sensitivities to chemicals.

Why Should I Avoid VOCs?

It’s understandable to wonder about the health effects from VOCs. To find out more about the damage that VOCs can cause, consider the results of a recent study. This study involved participants that would work six days in a lab located at the Syracuse Center of Excellence. During this test, VOC levels were reduced in both indoor and outdoor environments. The results of this test found that the cognitive scores of participants had increased by 101% while in low VOC spaces.

There are many ways that exposure to VOCs can harm the body. Here are a few notable symptoms seen in those exposed to VOCs.

  • Irritated sinuses
  • Migraine headaches
  • Itchy skin
  • Feelings of nausea
  • Intense bouts of dizziness

In addition to the previously mentioned symptoms, being exposed to VOCs for longer amounts of time can have more dangerous side effects. Those who are continually in environments with high VOC concentrations can end up suffering organ damage in addition to increasing your risk of developing certain cancers.

To summarize, it’s understandable to ask yourself why should I avoid VOCs? Considering that, there are plenty of reasons to avoid being exposed to these dangerous compounds. With that in mind, VOCs are commonly found in certain types of home paint. Therefore, you can avoid the side effects of exposure to these materials by choosing low VOC paint. Many homeowners ensure they’re using paint with low concentrations of VOCs while painting their respective homes.

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