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Winter Is InAnd So Are Rodents! Kick Them Out Of Your Home With Animal And Rodent Removal

Winter is a time for festivities, hot chocolate and lots of free time with your family. It’s also a time for nosy mice and squirrels.

Yes, even the best times of year have certain elements that are unavoidable. As you get your flu shot and buy your presents early, it’s also important to look up your local animal and rodent removal company to do something about those animal droppings in your kitchen. Rats, squirrels and mice are notoriously stubborn during this time of year, using your warm home as a free place to squat and sleep. They can spread disease and ruin your furniture, so avoid the do-it-yourself approach and stay one step ahead by letting a professional tackle this problem.

Here’s what you should know about destructive animals in your home and how to keep them out.

Did You Know?

You might not think much of these furry little critters, but they’re accidents just waiting to happen. A single mouse or squirrel can carry diseases into your home, chewing up your wires and creating holes in your floorboards. The New Republic reported back in 2017 the country was on the verge of a ‘ratpocalypse’, with rat populations spiking in Washington D.C. and New York City. Rats thrive in urban environments thanks to all the hiding places and trash. A famous YouTube video called the ‘Pizza Rat’ was uploaded in 2015, where this hungry rodent racked up over 10 million views for its unusually high appetite.


While damage from animals is commonly associated with rats and stray pigeons, squirrels have their own frustration to spread during the holiday season. These animals can lose as much as 25% of their buried nuts to thieves, hence why they do what’s known as ‘deceptive caching’. This means they’ll pretend to bury food to throw off other squirrels or crows trying to snatch up their hoard. Unfortunately, many squirrels think your house is a great place to do this. Squirrel control can make sure any and all bushy-tailed squatters are given the boot..


Now back to rats. According to studies by the National Pest Management Association, rodents either consume or contaminate up to 20% of the world’s food supply. Without the constant support of pest control both rodents and bugs would destroy over 50% of the world’s food! Over the past few years rat-related animal nuisance calls have risen sharply, with Chicago seeing an uptick by 60%. New York City is even worse at 130% and San Francisco is still stunning with 170%. Rats are not just nosy, they’re clever, and can breed multiple litters in just one home.


Last, but not least, an animal and rodent removal company will have the tools needed to make sure mice aren’t turning your house into a holiday retreat. While smaller and seemingly more mild-mannered, mice are good at sneaking right under your own nose and creating litters beneath your floorboards or inside your walls. The attic, rarely used rooms and the corners of the house are all common places for mice to gather due to reduced human activity. If you want to try and deter them, make sure to clean on a regular basis and keep food from building up in your carpet. That’s practically a beacon for hungry noses!

When To Call An Animal And Rodent Removal Company

Here are the warning signs you should look out for this winter. Animal droppings can look like little spots of dirt, but they’re distinctive upon closer inspection. Chewed wires, holes in the wall and strange odors can also be signs you’ve got some unwanted guests. A squirrel infestation or new nest of rats shouldn’t be driven out with do-it-yourself methods, as these animals could have hidden nests in areas you can’t reach. A professional service can remove rodents safely and humanely, with the added bonus of ensuring no floorboard is left unturned by the end of the day.

Winter should be a season for fun and laughter, not grinding your teeth in frustration. Get rid of unwanted rodents with an animal and rodent removal company.

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