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10 Home Upgrades for Summer That You Need to Invest In

10 Home Upgrades for Summer That You Need to Invest In

Summer is an ideal time for homeowners to focus on home improvement projects. You can consider different projects ranging from small to significant remodeling ones. The days are sunny with little rain, providing suitable weather to work to your home’s interior and exterior. Ideally, all the projects you might undertake will dent your pockets at a certain level, but the investments are worth your home value. Not all projects will require heavy investments, as some will even be DIY projects. Consider looking for qualified personnel to help you with the improvement work for more complex and big projects. The duration to complete summer projects differs depending on the type of project and its size. A few home upgrades for summer that you should consider investing in include the following.

Roof Service

What better time to do your roof upgrades than during summer when the weather is warm with little rain? Ensure that your roof is in good condition, protecting you from the heat of the summer. You can either hire residential roofing services to inspect the roof or do it yourself. As you inspect it, some of the things to check on the exterior include cracked tiles, damaged shingles, rust, loose screws, and metal sheets. For flat roofs, you can inspect standing puddles of water which cause the roof to age quickly. Do not forget to check any debris or dirt that has accumulated on the roof. For the interior, inspect the timber beams. If you notice any crack or rot, do not paint over it, which worsens the problems. You should also check on any plumbing or electrical wires on the roof and ensure they are not damaged. Once you are done with the inspections, there are repairs that you can do yourself, while others will need roofing services. Something like cleaning any debris or dirt you can manage. However, roof leak repair or replacing shingles should be done by a professional with the necessary skills.

Fence Repairs

Fence repairs and replacement should be on your list of home upgrades for summer. Inspect your fence and see if you need to repair or replace it. Have you noticed any debris or moisture at the bottom that is causing the wood to rot? Clean the area around the fence, removing any unnecessary dirt. Any trees hanging over the fence need to be trimmed. You might not be able to control the number of leaves falling, but trimming will reduce the number significantly. However, it would be best if you also clean often so that the leaves do not rot and damage the fence. As you inspect, check for rust, insect problems, breaking, and wobbly posts. Also, check whether the gate squeaks when you open it and any loose bolts. After accessing the extent of the damage, you can decide whether you will be repairing the fence or you will look for wooden fence companies to fix that. If you are looking to get your hands dirty, then ensure you can effectively repair the roof. Nowadays, it is easy to find home improvement stores selling ready-made fences and custom materials. This makes the work easier for you. Before building a fence, consult with your municipal government for any permits required.

New Gutters

Another home upgrade for the summer you should consider is getting new gutters. Summer is the best time to ditch the old worn-out gutters and replace them with new ones. If you notice that the gutters are cracked, then you should replace them. A gutter that is cracked does not serve its purpose because it is allowing water to pass through. Small individual cracks can be repaired, but when the cracks are extensive, consider getting new ones. If you have noticed any screws on the ground coming from your gutter, you should be alarmed. When you screw them back, but they keep falling, it could indicate extensive damage on your gutter system, needing replacement. During summer, when the weather is dry, you can easily notice water marks or water damage under your gutter. It could indicate that your gutters are either overflowing or leaking. If the water damage is severe, your gutter system is worn out and needs replacing. Most gutter systems are vulnerable at the seams where two sections meet. If you keep repairing leaks at your gutter seams but they still separate or leak, then it is time to install a new gutter system. For safety purposes, it is best to hire gutter installation services to fix the gutter for you.

Garage Door Replacement

Among your planned home upgrades for summer, you should include the garage door as well. Throughout the year, your garage goes up and down so many times. With the door’s heavyweight, it is prone to wear and tear. So, when choosing a garage door, factor in the function, style, and energy efficiency. With the proper maintenance, a garage door can last you a long time before you replace it. Get a spray lubricant and grease the door opener’s chain and the drive screw. Lubricate the tracks, hinges, and rollers as well. As your garage door moves up and down, some hardware may loosen over time. Inspect it and tighten loose bolts or roller brackets. Ensure that the door is balanced correctly so as not to overwork the opener each time you open or close the door. Also, keep the tracks clean using a house cleaner. That will remove the dirt and grease, keeping the tracks smooth. If your garage is worn out and you keep spending money on garage door repairs, then it is time for you to replace it with a new one.

Central Air

One of the many essential home upgrades for summer that you should look into is your central air conditioning unit. It is not hard to find HVAC contractors who can install the unit for you or help with the maintenance of an already installed one. Your central air unit can work efficiently and for longer if you maintain it well. Cut any plants that have grown around the unit. While the site of outdoor air conditioning may not be appealing to you, letting plants grow around it may hinder adequate airflow. Take your garden hose and wash any dust and dirt that has made its way into your outdoor condenser unit. Dirt, leaves, or debris usually restricts airflow, reducing the efficiency of the unit. You also need to change the filters regularly, at least every 90 days. If your household has more people and has pets, you may have to change them sooner than that. During the summer, your AC unit will frequently be running, so you may have to change the filters after a month or two.

Landscaping Upgrades

Proper landscaping not only adds the curb appeal to your home but also adds its value. This is one of the home upgrades for summer that most homeowners are excited about. You can either hire a landscape contractor or commence the project yourself. Before you start any landscaping, consider the style of your home. Whichever elements you choose, whether it is planting a garden around your house or putting sidewalks around it, you have to ensure they complement your house. Even with your well-manicured lawn, add some potted plants on either side of your front door. Plant some flowers along the sidewalks of your home’s exterior. If you want a clean and neat look, go for only one type of flower with one or two colors. If you want to go bold, consider different flowers in varying colors. Do not forget to add mulch around your flower beds. Not only does it enhance the curb appeal, but it also helps your plants retain moisture. Prune any shrubs you have been neglecting to a manageable size. Any dead plants should be cut off and replaced with healthy ones. Shrubs should be cut in a uniform size and preferably at waist length.

Bathroom Renovations

You should include bathroom remodeling in your home upgrades for summer plans. Before you start, decide what kind of bathroom you want. It could be a standard bathroom, half bath, or wet bathroom. Once you have settled on the type, develop a layout for it. This will depend on the size and shape of the space you are working with. If you do not mind where the sink, tub/shower, and toilet are positioned, stick to the existing layout. Plumbing and electrical fixtures can drive up your remodeling cost quickly. It would help if you also consider the lighting when renovating. If you can incorporate plenty of windows, adding a skylight to your design, even better. Do not forget to put a mirror somewhere around a window. It also contributes to more lighting in the bathroom. You will also need artificial lighting. The lighting should be adequate, reaching every corner of the bathroom. Stay away from harsh sources of light or bare bulbs. Install a well-ventilated system and add some luxury in the bathroom using granite countertops and a heated towel rail. Remodeling a bathroom requires a lot of work, so consider using a bathroom remodeling service to help with the upgrade.

New Doors

Another home upgrade to consider is getting new doors for both your interior or exterior. There is a variety to choose from, depending on your tastes and budget. For your exterior, you can opt for wood, steel, fiberglass, or solid glass. Most people go for wood because it is beautiful and customizable. Get mahogany or birch wood doors, paint a color that suits your home style, or simply use varnish. You can also consider fiberglass as it is energy efficient, strong, and durable with little maintenance. For interior doors, the common material is wood. However, there are a ton of designs you can choose from depending on where you want them. Pocket door designs are ideal for areas in the house where you rarely close the door, like the kids’ closets, study rooms, and storage areas. Use bi-fold doors for small spaces like the laundry room and kitchen pantry. French doors can be used to separate different spaces in the house like the dining, the study room, or entry to the patio. Consider getting white ones giving your home a clean and sleek feel. Getting new doors when you are doing home upgrades for summer will improve your home’s overall look.

Siding Replacement

As you do home upgrades for summer, consider replacing your siding too. Inspect it and see whether it is in a rough shape. Is the siding cracked, loose or split? If you get a professional to look at it, they can advise you on replacing the whole siding or just individual boards. You may also want to replace your siding if it is faded or peeling. Wood siding can stay in good condition for about 8-10 years. However, if you notice that you keep repainting it due to frequent peeling, then it is time to replace the whole thing. Another sign that you need to replace the siding is if it has begun to rot or warp. Gently insert a screwdriver under the joints or boards and along the gutters or chimneys. If you can easily poke into the underlying material, this indicates irreparable rotting damage. Also, use the screwdriver’s handle to tap the outside of the siding gently; if it sounds hollow, crumbles or splits, then get a new siding. Get professional to do your siding installation; this is not a DIY project unless you have the skills and expertise.

Kitchen Improvements

Your kitchen needs some improvements. Ensure that all cabinet and drawer doors are working effectively. You can also replace them entirely, getting a different design to shake things up a bit. If you are planning on adding appliances or upgrading to better ones, create adequate space for them. Lighting is also important and can make your kitchen look bigger and brighter. Cabinets tend to create dark work areas, so ensure you install lighting under them. Pendant lights look nice over the islands, and they come in a variety of designs for different kitchen styles. When remodeling the kitchen, always buy functional products that are durable with low maintenance.

Home upgrades for summer can give your house a major facelift, making it look appealing. Even the small upgrades can go a long way in making your house feel like a home. When doing home upgrades, avoid frustrations by ensuring you get the right contractors for the job and try to stick to your budget.

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