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Your Dryer’s Lint Screen Only Catches 25% Of Lint Reducing Fire Hazards In Your Home With Duct Cleaning

Your Dryer’s Lint Screen Only Catches 25% Of Lint  Reducing Fire Hazards In Your Home With Duct Cleaning

Home safety is important to every home owner. It’s more than just locking your front door or updating your homeowner insurance, however.

Some of the most serious problems have the smallest of roots. Just take a look at your HVAC system when it starts to show its age. Not only does your air conditioning system have to regulate the temperature of your home, it also has to clear out your air and keep your energy bill as low as possible. That’s a pretty tall order, one that isn’t always achieved when you miss out on essential maintenance. If you feel you’re not getting the full package, take this as a sign to learn more about the benefits of clean floor vents.

Whether you’re a homeowner or a small businessowner, there’s a lot to gain from a simple check-up on your floor vent services.

Let’s first look at the state of heating and cooling in the United States. According to recent estimates two-thirds of all American homes have an HVAC system in place — despite this, the average home spends 50% or more on energy expenses every month. There are many factors to blame for this. Poor insulation is a major one, letting slip all those temperature changes right beneath your nose. Old heating and cooling systems are even worse, often worsening indoor air pollution and putting your loved ones at risk.

At risk for what, you ask? The best case scenario of an outdated HVAC system is worse indoor air pollution — according to several studies, indoor air pollution is three times worse than outdoor air pollution. This is due to the accumulation of dust, dander, dirt, pollen, and bacteria under the roof. According to the Asthma And Allergy Foundation of America, over 80% of Americans are regularly exposed to dust mites on a daily basis. Another 60% are exposed to pet dander, which can cause serious health problems for those with allergies.

That’s just the best case scenario. The worst case scenario of a poor HVAC system can be a house fire. According to data provided by the U.S. Fire Administration, there are nearly 3,000 residential clothing dryer fires every year that result in five deaths, 100 injuries, and over $35 million in property damage. The leading cause of residential clothing dryer fires is just not cleaning them. Clean floor vents are vital for clearing out your air and making sure poor ventilation doesn’t trap the wrong elements in your home.

Last, but not least, we have the issue of clean floor vents and high energy bills. Recent studies have found good insulation can reduce the cost of heating and cooling by a staggering 40%. Likewise, a poorly insulated attic has the potential to create 25% of a home’s heat loss. Overall, the average American family spends nearly $2,000 a year on home utility bills — heating and cooling remains the biggest factor to grapple with. Talking to a floor vent service will go a long way to make your home safer from top to bottom.

There’s no need to fret. You have the power to change your home from the ground up and save yourself both stress and money. Your first order of business should be to talk to an air duct repair professional about possible hazards in your home. They can take a look at cleaning your dryer vent or talk to you about clean floor vents — lint screens in dryers catch just 25% of the lint, with the remaining sticking to the inner walls to create a fire hazard. Top this off with HVAC maintenance and you’ll have quite a powerful combination on your hands.

Reduce indoor air pollution. Keep fire hazards at bay. Talk to a professional about clear floor vents and air duct repair this year.

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