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Your Real Estate Purchases Could Be the Biggest of Your Life

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It’s pretty clear in just about any part of the world that purchasing a home or any type of real estate is a major investment of both time and money. When searching for real estate for sale, there is so much more involved than simply finding the best price and securing financing. The emotional commitment involved is a major one and finding the right realtor to help you find the property that’s right for you is extremely important.

According to 98% of buyers who purchased their homes through the aid of a realtor, the realtors they chose were very useful and provided helpful information when it came time to making important decisions about how and what to buy. Realtors make their livings studying the markets and learning trends that affect the housing market in general. Seeking out their expertise is well worth it every time.

With such an important, emotional decision as buying a home, why would you not want to seek out the considerable knowledge of realtors who spend all of their professional time becoming experts in finding the best real estate for sale? In 2001, 69% of home buyers found homes for sale and purchased them through a real estate professional. Thirteen years later, in 2014, that number shot up to 88% of home buyers. Finding quality real estate for sale might seem easy with the use of the Internet, but nothing can substitute the expertise that comes from studying the local housing market the way your local realtor does.

In 2014, one-third of all the homes sold in the United States were sold to people who were buying a home for the first time. First-time buyers have become a category that ranges up and down the scale, but, typically, they are around 31 years of age, have secured a job and done some financial preparation and research. They are ready to purchase but need the guidance that only a professional can give.

Repeat buyers tend to be a bit older, with their average age being 53. Having been through the process a time or two, these repeat buyers want to know what their current home is worth and what they can expect to pay for their new place. They know that a realtor has a very good grasp of the market and how to readily find real estate for sale.

Whether you’re looking for a beach property for your summer home or a home on a nice piece of land with open sky, finding the right realtor will make your purchasing experience feel more like the joy you wish it would be and not the stress-inducing pain that comes from not knowing what to do. Buying a home is perhaps the most important decision one will ever make. For the first-time buyer, this is especially true. Don’t leave anything to chance. Leave it to your realtor.

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